“Everyone should realize that these so-called “COURTS” are operating in admiralty, in commerce, for-profit.

“Everyone should realize that these so-called “COURTS” are operating in admiralty, in commerce, for-profit. Instead of accepting jail time behind bars, paying the commercial court-imposed fine, ticket, a “fee”, pay a PUBLIC debt or corporate court costs with your labor or with Federal Reserve Notes in violation of PUBLIC POLICY.

Why not bring an IRS Form W-9, Form 1099-A, a 1099-OID, a Letter of Escrow Instructions (to close escrow) and a “Notice of Settlement Report” with you into the private banking tribunal?

After all, they are nothing more than private banking centers.

It is a fact that the foreign Agent prosecutors, DA’s and commercial Administrators are binding and holding you as ‘Surety’ on their negotiable instruments and as trustee against your will on that particular corporate court case.

Why wouldn’t you go into the private administrative tribunal as the Settlor/Beneficiary since we are all beneficiaries of the Public Trust anyway?

The Constitution is a Trust, the People are the Beneficiaries.

Public Servants are Trustees. Am I wrong? The United States Constitution was converted into a Trust and the legal definition of a Trust is: “A legal obligation with respect to property given by one person (donor), to another (trustee), to the advantage of a beneficiary (Americans).”

Since you and I are always presumed guilty in the admiralty/equity courts and we are being denied a remedy, denied fair and equal protections under the law and any semblance for due process of law therein,
shouldn’t the interest be returned to the principal on a Form 1040? After all, American Nationals are considered the sponsor for the ‘CREDIT’ to finance the commercial court case in the first place (against our will).

A phrase comes to mind: “Interest, equity, recovery, return to principal and surety.”

Remember: The corporate courts are “BANKS”.

The only thing that’s going on in those private administrative tribunals is “banking business”.
So, if the head teller of the bank will not tell you what the CUSIP (Committee on Uniform Securities and Identification Procedures) for the CASE is, what the value of commerial court case is; why not assess the value of the case yourself and be nice and notify IRS?

Ask the head teller at the BANK window to bring the ledger forward either by ‘subpoena duces tecum’
or by the previous LOE Instructions or the NOS Report.

Tell the window clerk that you need to see a breakdown of the charges to see how the funds are being disbursed in the case because you are going to do your due diligence and correct the administrative process with the “corrected 1099-A and 1099-OID filings” with the Internal Revenue Service.

You will need to correct the tax records and you are going to need their EIN in order to do so.

Failure or denial to provide you with their EIN could be construed to mean an obstruction of Title 26 which may be in violation of your own CORPORATE CHARTER (the so-called courts are all bound under Title 26).

Are the commercial court officials stealing your/our private EXEMPTION(s) to avoid their tax liability under Title 26, Internal Revenue Code?

Watch the banker’s expression when you slide the IRS tax forms under the window and ask for their “own” EIN (Employer Identification Number) for that corporate courthouse on the W-9. = “PRICELESS”.

Everything is in “commerce”.

All transactions in commerce are taxable transactions and reportable to the Internal Revenue Service.

The bankers (clerks, prosecutors, Administrators, DA’s, etc.) are probably not planning on paying the tax on the actual commercial-value of the CASE for all of the municipal bonds and SECURITIES which are written, underwritten, subsequent to the filing and opening of that particular CASE and floated out on to the open market into investment pooling funds.

I think the IRS might perceive that as “tax evasion”, misappropriation of public funds and embezzlement.
The IRS people might appreciate it if you file a Form 3949-A against the Clerk (head teller). Tax cheats?
– Without prejudice, without recourse – Non Assumpsit-

Kenneth Paul- Ken Scott, not only do you want their own w-9 and ein# ‘s but more importantly you want the i.r.s determination letter that determines their true irs determined status.Minus that determination they are still in taxpayer category and status no matter what the application says.”

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