EIN Package 2 – Standard Delivery Foreign 98 EIN $169

Package 2 covers the creation of your foreign grantor trust. Your social security number is NOT required to obtain your 98 EIN. 

Our team fills out the SS-4 form on your behalf and works directly with the IRS to get you your number. 
FOREIGN GRANTOR 98 EIN Requirements are as follows (which you will be asked to provide in our service form after you donate). 
  • Your Full Name (such as JOHN HENRY DOE) 
  • U.S. Address – Your U.S. address is used for mailing purposes only, so within 2 weeks of creating your foreign trust, you will receive a letter from IRS regarding the details of your created 98 EIN. 
  • Your Foreign Address  – If you have one, great! Please provide that in your application. If not, no worries. We will provide you with one. Just choose which foreign country you would prefer your trust be formed in. 
  • Your Phone Number – Cell phone or house number works well. 
  • Your Birth Date (month, date and year) 
  • Your Email Address (to email you your number) 
No Social Security Number Required For 98 Foreign Trust
Although the IRS will ask if you have a social security number that you can provide them when creating your 98 foreign trust, you must NOT provide them with any social security number otherwise the process of obtaining your 98 EIN trust number will not work. Your response to them when they ask you if you have a SSN, is “I don’t have one of those.”  All they will say is yes and proceed to ask you more questions to create your 98 EIN trust. 
1 EIN Number Per Entity + Choosing Names
The IRS allows ONE 98 EIN number per entity. If you already applied for a 98 EIN number under a specific name such as JOHN H DOE, the IRS will not allow another foreign trust be created under that name UNLESS you choose to name your foreign trust under a business name that was not used to before to setup a foreign trust. 
No Special Characters Permitted In Business Name
The IRS does not allow any special characters in your business names.
And of course, if you order the third package (which is for BOTH EIN numbers), you must provide us with all the information to obtain both EIN numbers. 

Package 2 (Standard Delivery)

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