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Please keep the following information in mind as you fill out the form below.

  • Avoid using any special characters in your name as the IRS does not allow any special characters such as “$#@%”!.,/’  
  • The IRS limits 1 EIN number per entity. If you want more than 1 EIN number, you need to provide a business name that will be listed as the Grantor of your trust.
  1. {Package 1} Estate EIN for Legal Name or Business (All Entity Types) – Please use this application if you’re applying for ONLY the Estate EIN for your business, corporation, company, legal name, or non-profit organization.
  2. {Package 2} Foreign 98 EIN Application For Business, Company, Organization or Individual Trust (For All Entity Types Except Non-Profit Organizations) – Please fill out this application accordingly if you’re JUST looking to file for the foreign 98 EIN for your business, corporation, sole proprietor/individual, your legal name, LLC, or any other entity type. DO not use this application if you are a non-profit organization just applying for the 98 EIN. Instead, please use the form below for non-profits.
  3. {APPLICATION FOR NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS, including Church Controlled Organizations ONLY} Non-Profit Organizations EIN Application – Use this application ONLY if you are a non-profit organization applying for an Estate and/or Foreign 98 EIN. Do not use this application if you are not a non-profit organization. 
  4. {Package 3} Estate EIN And Foreign 98 EIN Application – If you are applying for BOTH an Estate EIN and a foreign 98 EIN for your Business, Company, Sole Proprietor/Individual. S-Corporation, Trust, Personal Service Corporation, or LLC, please fill out the 2 applications on this page.

And if you choose package 4 – 24 Hour EIN Express, then choose one of the applications above

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