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Welcome to We The People Law! Are we all really educated in law? Have you really read the constitution and understood it? Many don’t know what law this world and these phony courts are operating under. 

On this page, we hope to enlighten you in the subject and topic of common law and our inalienable rights as woman and man on the land. 

Many of our teachings come from Patrick Devine. Out of all the so-called ‘gurus’ out there, Patrick truly knows his stuff and teaches everyone to be independent and not rely on any government or even any guru to teach you this life-changing information that can set you and others free. 

Patrick shares his info freely, without charge. We invite you to join his calls every Wednesday and Sunday nights at 8:00PM EST.

Dial – (641) 715 3655
Access Code –

To join CLICK https://join.skype.com/wyhQqDgO579z . For permanent membership log in with your Skype ID.
Don’t register as a guest, that will give you only a temporary membership. You can download Skype for free.

Feel free to join his Skype and Yahoo group here


Purpose of the Group

The purpose is to discover how to recover the inheritance the corporate government has conspired to fraudulently withheld from you. You will need to understand our government, the money system, the court system, history and that you are a sovereign American national and not a corporate US citizen.

You are expected to know how to use this Yahoo group and the backup site http://econcurrent.com/devine/ and to become familiar with its contents. You will have to review the documents and the calls. If you have the question “where do I start?”, you have just gotten the answer. Start with the latest folder and the last month’s calls.

Once you join Patrick’s Yahoo group, you will receive a welcome email with all the information


We’re simply sharing the information that Patrick shares. 


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