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I Do NOT Consent

“I DO NOT ACCEPT THIS OFFER TO CONTRACT AND I DO NOT CONSENT TO THESE PROCEEDINGS”. Does it work?? Well of course it does! CITATIONS: The CITATION process can be handled much easier; through the mail. When a Police Officer issues you a CITATION, he is actually requesting you to CONTRACT with him! He is

IRS Criminal Investigation Division

Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI) investigates potential criminal violations of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code and related financial crimes in a manner intended to foster confidence in the tax system and deter violations of tax law. While other federal agencies also have investigative jurisdiction for money laundering and some bank secrecy act violations, the

We’re All One

Are you aware, that each and everyone of us are all ONE. That means, I am you and you are me. No matter what color, race, size, and nationality you are, we are all one in the same in that sense. Each and everyone of us are unique, though. We are different in the sense
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