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Please read our Terms of Service carefully, as it’s written very clearly.


A.W.A.R.E has the right to change this Terms of Service at any given time.  


Last updated: January 29, 2020


By choosing to do business with A.W.A.R.E, you consent to the following: 


Your privacy is respected at all times. We will NEVER share your personal and private information with anyone or sell it to any third parties.


The information you provide to us like your name, email, phone number, address, social security number, and any and all other personal information that we obtain from you will only be used for the sole purposes of creating your order. Once your order is complete, your personal and private information is deleted, so we never store anything personal from our customers in our database. 


We honor each and every one of our customer’s trust, and we hope you honor ours. 
This respect follows and takes into effect with all our Paperwork Reviews, conducted by our Paperwork Review Department. 


Doing On Your Behalf
By choosing to do business with A.W.A.R.E, you consent to allowing our team to fill out the ss4 form application for you and authorize us to edit documents for you, with your personal information.


Zero Tolerance Policy & Know What You Are Buying 

If you’re buying a package or service from A.W.A.R.E (no matter what service it is), you should know what you are buying. This is where your due diligence comes into affect and knowing what you are doing and why you are doing the things you’re getting into. 


We have a zero tolerance for anyone who is rude, disrespectful, uses violence, or does any illegal activities against and/or towards A.W.A.R.E and their representatives. 


If after you make your donation you realize that the package you ordered is not of benefit to you and the services have been worked on, there is a No Refund Policy there.  If work has been done for your package and you are not satisfied with your purchase, there are no refunds. Make sure you are 100% certain of what you’re purchasing before buying.


If you are not knowledgeable in what you are purchasing and buy it anyway and we end up doing the services for you, there is a No Refund Policy for that as well as we do not take responsibility nor assume you know what you are buying.


Success Rates & Guarantees

A.W.A.R.E cannot offer anyone any sort of guarantees on any of the services they promote, share and sell on their website, AreWeAllReallyEducated.com as in offering guarantees of any sort is breach of our own Terms of Use. 


One of the main reasons why A.W.A.R.E does not offer any guarantees is because in truth, success is dependent on the individual and not A.W.A.R.E. While we can give you A-Z, clear instructions, if one does not follow through with the steps, that can interfere with their success rate.


Lastly, we are up against a corrupt system, therefore, A.W.A.R.E nor anyone can offer you any guarantees on anything. 


Your paperwork is your torch and once it’s in your hands, you have full power and responsibility on how the document is executed at that point, with A.W.A.R.E holding harmless and assumes zero responsibility. 


Come With Awareness 

We kindly ask that all customers and students come to us with some level of awareness and portray qualities of a good student. 


At any given time, if we see that you are not a good fit to work with us either in the present time of your purchase or after the completion of your order, then we will at that time, decide to not work with you, with reason explained to you. 


If you are expected for us to ‘take your hand’ through the learning process or to spoon feed you this information, then A.W.A.R.E at this time, may not be a good fit for you as we ask that all our students and customers have the learning pursuit in them to do their own research and studying of their own. 

The type of students and customers we help are aware, do not need convincing, are not scared, and have some level of awareness already, even if they have not filed any paperwork to prove standing and status. 


Information Transparency
All customers and students are responsible for the accuracy of ALL the information they provide/submit to AreWeAllReallyEducated.com. We are not held responsible for any false claims or statements made and submitted by the customer to A.W.A.R.E (explained above as well). 


Time-Frame on EIN Packages 
If you order the Standard EIN Package(s), the time-frame to receive your EIN(s) is in 3 to 5 buisness days.


If you order the Express EIN Package(s), the time-frame to receive your EIN(s) is in 24 hour, same business day. HOWEVER, 24 hour same business day MAY NOT mean you’ll get your EIN 24 hours after you donated for the Express EIN package. Let us explain. 


For example, let’s say Amy orders our Express EIN Package on Friday at 10:00am EST. Shortly after Amy donates and follows all instructions to notify A.W.A.R.E that she sent us a donation, A.W.A.R.E emails her with a link to the applicable order form.


Amy fills out the form at 5:00pm EST because that is when she was able to fill it out. A.W.A.R.E receives Amy’s order form submission and organizes it to email to Amy for her to review and confirm the organized information is correct. If there are any corrections, Amy can reply to the email to let the Order Department know and they note the correction to be made. 


Amy doesn’t reply until 7:00pm to A.W.A.R.E’s email and confirms it’s all correct, at 7pm EST.


At 7pm EST, Amy’s Express EIN order goes into affect. So that means, since it’s a Friday and the IRS are closed on weekends, Amy’s 24 hour same business day order is set to be delivered Friday night going into Monday. Same applies for any other day of the week and time. 


What we are articulating here is (and we hope you innerstand) – for the Express EIN orders, the 24 hour same business day clock does not begin to tick until you have confirmed all the information to be correct. So this also means, if you do not confirm your information that same day and take 1 or even 2 days (or more) to verify your information to be accurate, then your Express EIN order is going to remain on hold until you confirm your information we send you is correct and verified. We have a staff in our Express Department who are ready to handle such orders. 


Just know, once you have confirmed all your information and it does take you 1 to 2 days or more to verify the accuracy of the information, you’ll receive the Express EIN order after 24 hours (business day) versus having to wait 3 to 5 business days after confirmation, like the case with Standard EIN delivery. 


Time Zones
The time zones A.W.A.R.E uses is often EST but can sometimes change to CST. 


We innerstand that many of our customers and students are in various different time zones and we strive to work around their time zones as well, but cannot always guarantee that. What we mean by not guaranteeing that is, you may receive a document your night time, our AM or your evening and our night.


Sometimes, our service managers (SM for short) work late due to the influx of orders and if you are told you’ll receive your order within that day, please ‘wait out the night’ to receive the email from your assigned SM. 


Holding Harmless
Like with ALL of our services, A.W.A.R.E does not hold accountable, liable nor responsible towards your actions, decisions or choices. The information we share is for educational and entertainment purposes only.


A.W.A.R.E assumes no liability, responsibility or assumptions for the accuracy of any information you share with us. This means, if your address has been entered in error and you confirm it was correct, we do not take responsibility for that error on your part. Same applies for an error in your name. If you confirm your name is spelled correctly although you misspelled it on your form, then we hold no responsibility there either. 


Communication & Clarity Is Key
Email is our best form of communication. If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or simply have something to say, you contact us via our contact form here, and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible. If you are seeking support help, please submit a Support ticket and we will get back to shortly. 


Please be as clear and detailed oriented as possible when contacting us, that way our team can respond to you accordingly, the right way, the first time around. 


Any Delays Are On You 
If after you place your order and you have not provided us with the information to create your EIN or any other services that requires you to submit an order form to us, you will not receive your order until you do these two things: 
  1. Fill out the order form
  2. Confirm your information to be correct
Without confirming your information to be accurate, your order will remain on hold until you verify your information to be correct. This applies for the Express EIN Packages! 


Any errors that occurs such as spelling, incorrect dates or addresses, etc… is not in the fault of A.W.A.R.E once the customer has confirmed all information to be correct. We do however, provide you with the correction letter for your EIN to correct it. 


Changes To EIN Orders 
EIN numbers once assigned cannot be changed, however the information like business name can be changed, but is a little bit tedious.


To avoid any inconvenience, we strongly recommend that you double check and confirm that all the information you will submit to us is correct and you’re sure of it. If by any chance you run into any mistakes, we’ll teach you how to correct it. 


Ordering a Package 
Once a package is ordered, there is no exchanging it for another package unless the package that you ordered matches the price of another package offered on our website. For assistance on such a matter, please email orders@areweallreallyeducated.com.


No Special Characters Permitted In Name
The IRS does not allow any special characters in the spelling of any names. If your business or organization name has any special characters such as (#@$%^&*!>,”_-), please replace it with a letter or number to avoid any inconvenience. 
If we have to make a change to this, we will notify you. 


One EIN Number Assigned Per Customer
Only ONE EIN number (estate and foreign) can be assigned per customer. However, if you applied or have an EIN under your legal name and would like another for your business, you can apply for a new EIN using your business name as the name of the trust. 


Authorize A.W.A.R.E’s “Third Party Designee”
You authorize our team at A.W.A.R.E to act as ‘Third Party Designee’ to create your EIN.


Payments Are Donations
Any and all “payments” received to A.W.A.R.E for a service or package is classified as a donation.
Also, we don’t accept donation plans as not everyone is committed to follow through with their sovereign journey/path, falling short on commitment. This is not fair to our paralegals as they fall short
A.W.A.R.E does not issue refunds on NONE of our services. All funds received for a service are donations, not payments. None of the services on A.W.A.R.E are refundable. All funds received for services are donations and non-refundable. A.W.A.R.E is a private organization, ran off of donations. 
The only imaginable and acceptable refund one may receive is if A.W.A.R.E is not able to obtain an EIN for you for some reason. Other than that, you receive the delivered services.
If you order a 1 hour consultation but end up getting a 30 minute consultation due to not having much questions left to be answered, you will have credit remaining for another call to be scheduled. A refund for this would not be permissible, being that a service was rendered and our packages are non-refundable. Another example is, if you purchase an EIN package and obtain it, to later realize it was not the correct EIN you needed, this is non-refundable as well. The remaining consultation time would be applied as credit towards another call session or deducted from your next order with us.


You have to know what you are doing and why you are ordering it so that we can better assist you. We can only give you recommendations on what we think MAY help you, but at the end of the day, it’s up to YOU to know what is really right for you. 


We are not affiliated with Econcurrent.com in any way, nor We The People Share Holders Yahoo and Skype Group. The information we provide here on AreWeAllReallyEducated.com is just for educational purposes only. 


By choosing our services and donating to Are We All Really Educated, you agree to the set Terms Of Service. 
Was there anything stated here that you were not clear on or have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


These Terms of Service are subject to change.