Foreclosure Help Package 1: Do It Yourself Process Details

Are you ready to fill out the documents yourself and have the confidence to beat the bank and stop them from foreclosing on your home?

Are you ready to take your mortgage matters into your own hands? 

If YES, this process is for you.

This DIY package allows you to add your own verbiage to the documents we send and get ready for you to edit. We make it super easy for anyone to edit their own documents. Filing instructions and email support is included in this package, so you’re lead every step of the way on what to do next. 

With our easy to fill out documents and simple filing instructions – this package has everything that needs to be done to successfully SAVE and STAY in your home.

Our documents may help you:

– Get FREE and CLEAN title to your property
– STOP Sheriff Sales & Foreclosures Weeks and Even Days Before the schedule date
– Gain the confidence you need to beat the bank

You’ll be provided with email support every step of the way, so you’ll never be stranded or lost on what to do next!


Getting Started Is As Easy As 1-2-3-4!

Step 1: Make Payment 
You have the option to pay either via PayPal or Stripe. We happily accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and checking out with Stripe allows you to do so.

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Step 2: Fill Out Form 
After your payment, you should be automatically redirected to fill out our form. This basic form asks for your full name, email, phone number, and details about your foreclosure case and waht remedy you’re seeking. You should note any important specifis we should know all on that form. 

Step 3: The Approval Process
Your form will go through a reviewal process where one of our review staff memebers looks over your application and provides you with an email correspondence. If we hae any further questions or need additional information, we’ll ask you. Approval from us can take anywhere from 24-72 hours. 

Step 4: Email Support + Filing
Once your application gets approved by us, you will be provded with amazing email customer support where you will be provided the according documents specifically to you. Timeframe for documents to be ready may take 7 business days, but can be sooner. 

The DIY package is customed according to your individual case. 


The DIY documents will be emailed to you with the filling instructions. It’s advised to send the documents out immedaitely, especially since this is case sensitive. 

When They Respond

When the bank responds or any party you are addressing the documents to, you are to notify us of that correspondence via email right away so we can provide you with additional instructions and supported documents. Email support@areweallreallyeducated. Our amazing customer service will be staying in contact with you via email, every step of the way. You’ll never have to feel stuck or alone. 

Terms Of Service:

To ensure we’re all in agreement and have great communication, please thoroughly read through our very short Terms of Service and Privacy Policy set forth below. By doing business with us, we assume you have fully read our TOS and PP and agree to it.

a.) Communication for package 1 is only via email. If you wish to speak to a live rep, please consider a consultation 
b.) The documents provided will vary drastically per customer, simply because everyone’s case is different. 
c.) The success rates our customers experience with our package processes will vary due to many factors such as not filing instructions correctly, etc. The banks, attorneys and servicer are known for committing and violating many housing laws, but this is something Are We All Really Educated cannot control. 
d.) While we do offer a confident 99.99% success rate based off proven methods, we hold harmless indemnity and cannot GUARANTEE 100% success rate for you. If by any chance your house gets foreclosed on after applying our methods and filing the necessary documents – Are We All Really Educated cannot and are not held responsible for a corrupt system. We can however, provide you with support. 
e.) We do not offer money back on any of our foreclosure packages. 
f.) Are We All Really Educated cannot offer any kind of legal advise. All the information, tips and suggestions are to be used for educational purposes ONLY. If you’re looking for legal advise, seek yourself a competent lawyer. 
g.) All the information you provide to us will always remain confidential and will never be shared with any third-parties. We respect each and everyone of our customer’s privacy. 
h.) Orders placed on weekends and on holidays will not be processed until the following business day. 

j.) You are responsible for the accuracy of ALL the information you provide to us. 

k.) Email communucation is the BEST and the most quickest form of communication with us. While we do offer consultation and phone support for package 2 customers, email is how you’re going to be able to comunicate with our team back and fourth and is no. 1 recommended. Thus, its advised that you provide us with your primay email, one that you check daily, so you don’t miss our responses! And add us us to your email contacts so we don’t end up in your spam. 

l.) This is all case sensitive. If you’re choosing package 1, you are responsible for mailing out the documents and filing them per the given instructions. 

m.) We do strive to provide with fast paperwork, but please do overstand 

n.) Lastly, please only serious people!

By submitting your form and by choosing Are We All Really Educated as your foreclosure remedy, you agree to the above herein Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Place your Package 1 Foreclosure Help order today and begin the process of saving your home. We work fast, sufficient and easy. 

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