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Thank you for choosing to donate to A.W.A.R.E. Your support means a lot to us as it helps the growth in our website, our YouTube Channel, and assisting others in their path to becoming free and Sovereign. 


All donations are greatly appreciated, no matter the amount, as it helps us at help others become free and sovereign and allows us to assist those who are not able to afford our services. Donations are put towards the continued commitment to grow the website in numerous ways that makes an impactful change for the benefit of many! 


If you’d like to donate to A.W.A.R.E, you may do so via the donation button below.

You may donate using Cash App: 
  1. Follow the link here:$aware33
  2. Enter total service amount. 
  3. In the “for” field, be sure to write “donation”. 
  4. Send! 


If you wish to let us know of this kind gesture, you may email us at 🙂


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It’s a fast and convenient way to send and receive money. If you don’t already have the CashApp, it’s FREE to sign up. And if you sign up using A.W.A.R.E’s Referral link and use code: SKRSQXF  and we’ll each get$5! Sign up via the referral link here to earn:


Please Note: Due to PayPal’s discriminatory actions towards A.W.A.R.E, we are steering away from them and moving towards real currency like cryptocurrency like bitcoin, litcoin, ethereum, So that is why, CashApp and Crypto are the only 2 forms of donations we accept, until further notice. Thank you so much for your support as it truly helps the growth of A.W.A.R.E in all ways to help others and to improve the website for the better. 


Thank you so much for your support and appreciation towards A.W.A.R.E! The love, support and awesome vibes means a lot to us so we are able to help more people. Thank you!