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    The two donation methods we accept is CashApp and crypto currency. We do not accept credit card donations or donations via PayPal.   If you send us CashApp or crypto currency for your donation with NO follow up (meaning, by not filling out the form below or by not emailing us) that is disqualification with no refund. You MUST send us an email (or fill out the form below) AFTER you've made your donation that way we can process your order and schedule you in. Without any email or filled out form, we have no way of communicating with you, unless you are an established customer and even then, you are required to email us a receipt of your donation for security purposes. Failure to follow these instructions (and if it's NO fault of our own), you are NOT entitled to a refund.   Continue reading down for donation details.    



    FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW TO LET US KNOW YOU MADE YOUR DONATION! In case the form does not work, please email us at Or, fill out the form via the form link here.   DONATION PRICES Please Innerstand: Donation for either sessions are non-refundable.   We have 3 session options to choose from. 15 Minute Consultation Session: $50.00 30 Minute Session: $175.00 One Hour Call: $350.00   Note: Please make sure to book a call session that fits your needs. If you have a lot of questions on various topics and wish to get quite a fair share of clarity, consider booking a 1 hour call. Please make sure that the session you book is right for you. Please innerstand that our consultants have to be respective of the booked time scheduled. Please do not book a 15 minute consultation if you need a 30 minute call instead. Or if you need a 1 hour call, please do not book a 30 minute session. Thank you for your innerstanding.   DONATION METHODS  1. Cash App  If you choose to pay using Cash App. If you wish to donate using Cash App, you may do so via our Cash App link here:$aware33   In the 'for' box of CashApp, enter consultation   Donate the appropriate amount to send us via CashApp. 15 Minute Consultation Session: $50.00 30 Minute Session: $175.00 One Hour Call: $350.00   MUST DO ACTION!! AFTER you’ve sent us your donation, please send us an email at or fill out the form HERE.   Failure to follow the below instructions can jeopardize A.W.A.R.E helping you and will consider your donation deemed without service.    Don’t have a CashApp account? It’s a fast and convenient way to send and receive money. If you don’t already have the CashApp, it’s FREE to sign up. If you sign up using A.W.A.R.E’s Referral link and use code: SKRSQXF  and we’ll each get $5! Sign up via the referral link here to earn:   OR 2. Cryptocurrency   If you wish to donate using cryptocurrency, please email