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Patrick Devine Calls And Files

With the permission of Patrick, we have put together most of Patrick Devine from We The People files, docs and calls onto this post so you can easily access them. Our team is working on gathering all of Patrick’s documents, so please continue to check back on this page. If there is something missing that needs to be added, please advise either via email at or in the comments below. Thank you!

Here is the backup link to all of Patrick’s files.


Please note that most of the docs below will automatically download on your computer or open up as an existing page if you’re viewing it on your mobile phone.







7 thoughts on “Patrick Devine Calls And Files

    1. Our team is currently working on uploading ALL of Patrick’s docs onto our site. This is pretty time consuming as Patrick has a LOT of docs from Econcurrent’s site and also from the Yahoo Group. Please advise us if you know of a better solution to this. We are NOT affiliated with Econcurrent in ANY WAY and are just making it easier for the members of Patrick’s group to find, locate and download his files.

      1. So I can’t become a member I don’y have any money for the site
        I do be leave all you say Patrick I really do.
        But I don’t have the funds at this time
        Roger Rhodes thanks for all you do.

    1. Our team has just fixed that so now the links work. Keep in mind, most of the docx files will just download onto your computer automatically.

  1. Affidavit For Deceased file has a bad link; the first two files listed (Affidavit For Deceased and Affidavit Of Family Lineage) both link to Affidavit of Family Lineage.

    Thanks for posting this back-up resource!

    1. Thank you Norene! We are in the process of updating all files including the ones you mentioned here. Peace & blissings!

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