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The New World Order

A global order will emerge in case a system of harmonious precedence comes into being. The nadir of the existing international monetary system coincides with coincident political crises around the world. Never have a lot of transformations happened at the same time in numerous distinct areas of the world and been made internationally reachable via instantaneous communication. The alternative to a brand new international order is chaos. The financial and political crisis are closely related partially because, throughout the period of financial exuberance, a gap had opened up between the economical as well as the political organization of the world.

Its associations possess a global reach and have managed by maxims that presumed a self regulating global marketplace. Necessarily, when the affected communities turned to their national political associations, these were driven primarily by domestic politics, not concerns of world order. International order will not come about in either the political or economical field until there appear general rules toward which countries could orient themselves. In the end, the political and financial systems could be harmonized in only 1 of 2 ways: by making a global governmental regulatory system with the same achieve as that of the economical world, or by shrinking the economical units to a size workable by existing governmental structures, which is prone to lead to a brand new mercantilism, possibly of regional units.

A brand new Bretton Woods type of global contract is by far the preferable result. That seminal event as well as the subsequent period of almost uninterrupted global growth induced way too many to equate planet order with the approval of American designs, including our domestic preferences. It’s unprecedented that most the principal actors on the planet stage are avowing their desire to tackle the transformations imposed on them by the earth crisis in cooperation with the US. The remarkable impact of the president elect on the creative thinking of mankind is an essential element in shaping a brand new world order. The ultimate challenge is to form the common concern on most nations and all important ones regarding the financial crisis, together with a typical anxiety about jihadist terrorism, into a typical technique strengthened by the conclusion that the new problems like expansion, energy and climate change allow no national or local solution.

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