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We are simply posing the question, “Are we all really educated?” and by doing so we challenge the pretense that we should accept what we are told, and not inquire beyond the information provided. Consider the reality that this is indeed the “information age”. There are answers, or if nothing else information, for anything that we want to know. The obstacle comes from the illusion of knowing everything that we need to know. It is important that we expose the facts from the fiction.

Unfortunately, our advancements throughout the years have yet to bring us complete equality. We can discuss statistics and prattle all day about whose in control, but the fact of the matter is, something or someone truly does control the dissemination of information. We must bring together truthfulness and deliver facts to masses so they can regain control of the decisions they make, because to date, they operate under a veil of what reality truly is. If they were aware of everything that is going on in the world they would undoubtedly change their view and thus change their actions. We do not pretend to have all the answers, but we do trust that together we can learn, grow and continue to walk towards a brighter future.

We don’t claim to know it all; we simply want to enlighten and educate those who have the open mind and the eyes to see and the ears to listen. 

We are truth seekers. We are free. We expose the truth. 

If you’ve got the eyes to see and the ears to listen, then you are the ONE. Come join us on this site as we unravel and get deep down the rabbit hole and see how far and deep it goes…  

Learning to unlearn is the key to learning. 

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