Can We Help With Depository Trust Company (DTC) Accessing?

//Can We Help With Depository Trust Company (DTC) Accessing?

Can We Help With Depository Trust Company (DTC) Accessing?

We receive numerous comments and emails from aware individuals interested and looking for information regarding how to access their Depository Trust Company (DTC) account. Patrick Devine from ‘We The People Shareholders’ Yahoo group commonly spoke about this in his weekly calls, leaving many curious on the processes involved.

At this time, we cannot assist in DTC accessing, however, do plan on having experts, services, and methods of having success with DTC accessing real soon. We’ll update it here on the website once we do begin offering such services and consultations regarding DTC accessing. 

We are going to be starting webinars and podcasts discussing the many ways to get out the matrix. 

We’ve heard good feedback from our readers who’ve said this post about accessing strawman account has helped. 

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If you’re interested in listening to Patrick’s calls or files, you can view and download his free tot he public files here. I encourage you to check out our services page here to see how we can help you obtain your EIN from the IRS for your business, save your home from foreclosure, and consult on further in-depth information. 
Thank you all for your support! 
We appreciate your patience and for being part of our awakening journey. 
Stay aware. 
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