Creating Negotiable Instruments To Offset Alleged Debt

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Creating Negotiable Instruments To Offset Alleged Debt

Negotiable instruments are a very powerful tool that can help set your mortgage and tax debts free. Knowing how to create and enforce them properly is power. 
What are Negotiable Instruments? 
According to Black’s Law Dictionary 4th edition, negotiable instruments is a written instrument that is signed by the drawer (which is you) and includes an unconditional promise or order to pay a specified amount of money, either on demand or at a set time. Bills of exchange, promissory notes, bank checks, certificates of deposits, and other negotiable securities are among the various types of negotiable instruments. 
The most powerful thing negotiable instruments do are offset/set off alleged debt. Article 3 of the Uniform Commercial Code 3-104 § is all about negotiable instruments. We encourage you to read more about negotiable instruments in the U.C.C 3-104 Article 3 here from Cornell Law School.
If you’re interested and serious in learning more about how to create and enforce negotiable instruments, Ajamu Bey can help offset/set off alleged debt, for mortgages and taxes. 
Here is an EXPLANATION of the PROCESS-
1. There is a Private Sector and a Public Sector. Sunrise Trust Bank is a private bank established on the island of Nevis with a satellite office in the state of Georgia. Sunrise Trust Bank is privately funded and operates only in the private sector.
2. Sunrise Trust Bank can issue Bank Guarantees, Letters of Credit as well as Proof of Funds Letters.
3. Sunrise Trust Bank can fully satisfy any and all alleged debt and any invoice that shows a balance.
4. Sunrise Trust Bank follows the laws on International Bills of Exchange and the laws on International Promissory Notes using the banking laws from UNCITRAL Convention. Sunrise Trust Bank also uses the information from the Uniform Commercial Codes (UCCs) namely Articles 3, 4 & 5 of the UCCs to issue Letters of Credit and other negotiable instruments, such as Cashier’s Checks and Certified Checks.
5. (FOR COMPANIES IN THE USA) Sunrise Trust Bank uses the United States Codes, the Codes of Federal Regulations and the Internal Revenue Codes reporting all financial transactions to the United States Treasury and giving notice to the Criminal Investigation of the Internal Revenue Service (CID).
6. Sunrise Trust Bank also offsets alleged tax debt.
Here is a video and explanation of the offsetting process from Ajamu. 
Contact Ajamu Bey for one on one consultations or one on one private school at or directly at 267-444-4350. Be sure to let him know A.W.A.R.E sent you 😉
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