How The First Matrix Movie Correlates With Law

//How The First Matrix Movie Correlates With Law

How The First Matrix Movie Correlates With Law

We go to the movies for entertainment, maybe to get away from the reality of our world and just for a few moments we escape that reality and enter a ‘Twilight Zone’ if you will, of adventure, romance, and the like. But is it possible someone is trying to tell you something? Is there ‘full disclosure’ being made on the silver screen? Are you aware of the message or have you been oblivious? Following are movie reviews on the Wizard of Oz and the MATRIX movies. They are presented herein to allow you to understand ‘really’ what has happened and what to understand.

When describing and decoding the information for the uninformed that is coming from within the MATRIX by way of the Communication. The uninformed cannot be told about the MATRIX, they must experience it. The Communication rightly explains to them that “The MATRIX is the world pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. It makes you a slave. A prison for your mind.” If you attempt to expose the uninformed to too much “light,” you will blind them.

The Communication is the story of the Gospel of the Scripture, but it is set within the framework of a Greek-science-fiction-drama. The leading character is named Neo. He is played by Keanu Reeves. The word Neo in Greek means new. Neo is the new man or the new Adam come to save the people of ZION. But first, he must die and be resurrected by the Trinity. Once resurrected, he will save the world by taking people out of the MATRIX and into the land of ZION. The problem is that in the beginning, Neo does not know who he is or where he is. He first must be brought out of the land of the MATRIX and learn who he is. He is extracted by a team of Zionists led by their leader, Morpheus, who is played by Laurence Fishburne. The woman Trinity, played by Carrie-Anne Moss, is one the principal person from the Zion group that communicates with people in the MATRIX. Together, Morpheus represents God the Father; Trinity represents God the Holy Spirit (who breathes life back into Neo and brings the message to the MATRIX); and Neo represents God the Son. Their team of helpers is called the people of Zion. They consult the ORACLE, which represents the Holy Scripture. The ORACLE does not judge good from evil, but is a guide to show the path upon which the people of Zion must go. The people of Zion use a vessel named the NEBUCHADNEZZAR as a means of travel within the MATRIX.

Allied against the Zionists is the MATRIX. The MATRIX is the world which has deceived all the people therein to fall into a dreamlike sleep. In this condition, the people are warehoused in large storage facilities. The people are physically hooked up to the cells in this warehouse by tubes that both feed them and extract electrical and heat energy from them to run the machines of the world who have taken over control. The tubes also feed the people in the MATRIX computer generated thoughts programmed into MATRIX computers. Therefore, life in the MATRIX is nothing more than an incredibly-complex computer program created by the MATRIX to conceal the real intent of raising and harvesting human beings to provide electrical energy to run the machines which control the MATRIX. These electronic thoughts fed to the people in the MATRIX create a substitute for real thinking and real thoughts and real experience. Instead, the people in the MATRIX only believe that they are alive and experiencing their lives. Their bodies never physically leave the cells in which they are kept. But to their minds, they appear to be living a normal existence with a job, personal relationships, hobbies, and the like. In the MATRIX, everyone is united as in “AI”, artificial intelligence. Your world is a computer program that appears real to you.

There is a group that works for the MATRIX called the Agents. These Agents are not real people, but sentient computer programs which give the Agents supernatural powers. Their job is to locate and destroy people who have either physically disconnected from the MATRIX or who are within the MATRIX but are receiving unauthorized communications from people outside the MATRIX. The name of the leading Agent is SMITH, who represents SATAN, a totally evil entity out to destroy any living being who would attempt to physically leave the MATRIX.

All communications with people within the MATRIX are done through the MATRIX computers. The communication can be made by way of a phone connection (or modem connection) to the MATRIX computer which in tum communicates with the person in the MATRIX over the direct computer link to the person’s mind. Once a person is physically removed from the MATRIX, that person never again physically goes into the MATRIX, but is mentally projected into the MATRIX computer.

Before Neo comes out of the MATRIX and learns who he is, Neo is captured by the Agents and taken to an interrogation. Agent Smith says: “O.K. Mr. Anderson. I see a man sitting before me who has two lives [one in the law forum of the MATRIX and one in the law forum of Zion]. Your first life is as a man named Thomas A. Anderson. In this life you have an SSN, you pay your taxes. You work as a computer programmer for a software development company.

Your second life is as a man named Neo. Neo has committed almost every computer crime in the book [in our law forum]. Only one of these lives has a future. Which life is that going to be?”

The leader of the resistance movement is named Morpheus. This, like Neo, is also a Greek name. You might not be familiar with this name. I wasn’t. The name means “he who forms, or molds.” Morpheus was the Greek god of dreams. The Encyclopedia Mythica says: “He lies on an ebony bed in a dim-lit cave. He appears to humans in their dreams in the shape of man. He is responsible for shaping dreams, or giving shape to the beings which inhabit dreams. Morpheus … Is mentioned as the son Hypnos, the god of sleep.” Morpheus is the man who, with the help of others, extracts Neo from the Matrix and leads him to resolve who he is and how Neo can save the people from the Matrix.

The name MORPHEUS is also a computer game by Piranha Interactive Publishing, Inc. “Imagine a world where you died but your dreams lived on. The adventure begins with you as an explorer, separated from your party, aboard the ship Herculania [in the movie, the ship’s name is the NEBUCHADNEZZAR]. You are looking to resolve the legacy of your father who has disappeared in the region 30 years earlier. You become despondent, certain of your impending death, drifting between strange and foreboding dreams.” This game could well be a semi-outline for the movie MATRIX.

What led Neo to question his life in the MATRIX? At one time, Morpheus asks him: don’t like the idea of not being in control of your own life, do you?” And Neo answers in the affirmative. Neo’s name is an anagram for the “ONE” or the savior. In a discussion with the Agent SMITH, Neo was told: “Once we started thinking for you, it [the MATRIX] became our [not your] world.”

Neo asked what would happen if you die in the MATRIX. The answer is that you also die in the real world since the body cannot live without the mind. Neo also asked what would happen if one tries to take on the Agents in the MATRIX. The answer is: “They are all powerful in the MATRIX. You cannot take them on “in this [meaning the artificial world they created without rules] place.” The only way to prevail is to run from them and get out of the MATRIX. That is because there are no rules [or law] in the MATRIX. The rules and the law in the MATRIX are whatever the MATRIX computer programs say that they are. The law is a fiction. The MATRIX is run on a public policy of containment of the living beings in the MATRIX. Nothing more and nothing less.

There are many symbols in the Communication. Neo, when mentally extracted from the MATRIX, is given the opportunity by the people of Zion to decide whether or not he wants to be physically extracted, also. He is warned that after being physically extracted, it will be very difficult to return to the MATRIX if he changes his mind. Neo is offered a blue pill to take if he wants to mentally go back into the MATRIX and be mentally sedated, never again to question the MATRIX. He is offered a red pill if he wants to physically come out. The red pill is symbolic of the blood of Christ sacrificed to set man free from the things of this world. The pills are also symbolic of the story of Alice in Wonderland and the song sung by Gracie Slick- “One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small.”

Neo first meets the Zionists at a meeting spot called the “Adam Street Bridge.” This is symbolically where Thomas A. Anderson, the first Adam in sin, crosses over into the hands of the Zionists to become the makings of the second Adam. Thomas A. Anderson, when he was still within the MATRIX, was wakened by his alarm clock which read “9:18 A.M.” The number 9 stands for the fruits of the spirit [or the coming of blessing or judgment], while 18 represents bondage [the condition Thomas A. Anderson was in].

Thomas A. Anderson lives in room number 101 in a hotel named “The Heart of the City” during his existence in the MATRIX. The “heart” is the metaphor for the physical life of the person or entity. It represents that Thomas A. Anderson was destined to be that life which is to come out of the MATRIX and give life to the people in the MATRIX. Room number “101” deals with the numbers 10 = Fullness of law and responsibility and teaching, and 1 = Unity, primacy. Thomas A. Anderson is the one that will apply the natural law to defeat the law of the MATRIX.

Trinity carries on her activities within the MATRIX out of room “303.” Room number “303” deals with the numbers 30 = blood of Christ, and 3 = division, perfection, and completeness.

Neo’s physical removal from the matrix is a birthing cycle in which the “cord” was cut, the birthing fluids were present, and the escape afterwards from the pod where the birthing took place was through a pool of water (a baptism) into a new life. There are several other washings [or baptisms] represented by the waters falling at the Adam Street Bridge, etc.

Look up the term “Matrix” in Black’s 4th Law Dictionary. You may be amazed. It means: “In civil law, the protocol or first draft of a legal instrument, from which all copies must be taken.” Does this refer to the fact that “all copies” or all people within the MATRIX must follow the “prime directive” of the MATRIX to work and slave for the MATRIX? The definition of “Matrix Ecclesia” in Latin is: “A mother church. This term was anciently applied to a cathedral, in relation to the other churches in the same see, or to a parochial church, in relation to the chapels or minor churches attached to it or depending on it.” The Communication is trying to tell you that the MATRIX [or the world] is a mother church preaching a religion. A religion based upon an illusion and false sense of being. Did you ever get the impression that life as we know it is backwards. That what we perceive as reality is the illusion and what we perceive as illusion is the reality? In the Communication, you get the picture from both sides of the mirror where the MATRIX is on the illusion side of the mirror and Zion is on the real side of the mirror.

The end of the Communication is nothing short of jubilant and heroic. Neo makes a “phone call” to the people of the MATRIX. He is feeding a direct communication into their mind by way of the computer hookup. Neo tells them, “There are no rules. You can do anything that you want to.” The law is done away with in their law forum. Their Constitution is dead. (as long as you do not harm the life, liberty or property of another).

Neo invites them to join the Zionists. As proof that there is no law in their law forum, Neo flies away into the sky as a superman. [After all, if there is no law, there is no gravity in their law forum].

May the force of Zion be your calling.



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