The ‘Michael Jordan Defendant’ Who Attacked The Judge In Court Goes Viral

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The ‘Michael Jordan Defendant’ Who Attacked The Judge In Court Goes Viral

A defendant, Deobra Redden, who gained notoriety for leaping over a judge’s bench and assaulting her in a courtroom brawl, is set to appear before the same judge, Mary Kay Holthus, on Monday morning. The incident, captured on courtroom video on January 3, involved Redden, facing a felony battery charge for a baseball bat attack the previous year, attempting to persuade the judge that he was reforming his violent history.

During his court appearance, Redden requested leniency, portraying himself as someone who continuously strives to do the right thing, despite challenges. However, as Judge Holthus indicated her intent to impose a prison sentence, and with the court marshal moving to detain him, Redden responded by shouting expletives and aggressively charging forward. The courtroom audience, including his foster mother, reacted with screams in response to the chaotic scene.

In a dramatic courtroom incident, Redden catapulted over a defense table, leaped over the judge’s bench, and landed on top of Judge Holthus. The video footage depicted the judge being pushed back against a wall, with an American flag falling in the midst of the altercation. Chief Judge Jerry Wiese described the event, stating that Redden “supermanned over the judicial bench” in his leap to reach Judge Holthus.

The defendant, in the midst of the altercation, not only leaped onto Judge Holthus but also grabbed her hair. The judge’s clerk, Michael Lasso, had to intervene and physically wrestle the defendant off her. The chaotic scene involved several court and jail officers, some resorting to punches to subdue the assailant. As a result of the scuffle, Lasso suffered cuts on his hands, and a court marshal was hospitalized for a dislocated shoulder and a gash on his forehead. The incident left a trail of injuries among those involved in restraining the defendant.

Despite the ordeal, Judge Holthus sustained some injuries but remarkably returned to work the following day. Chief Judge Jerry Wiese credited Michael Lasso, the judge’s clerk, for his swift actions, noting that Lasso played a crucial role in pulling Redden off the judge, potentially preventing more severe injuries.

Redden’s defense attorney, Caesar Almase, chose not to provide any comments on the incident.

Following the courtroom attack, Redden faced a bail of $54,000 related to the incident. However, he refused to return to court the next day on the new charges. As a result, a judge rescheduled his next appearance for Tuesday. The charges against Redden include extortion, coercion with force, and battery on a protected person, referring to the judge and the officers who intervened.

Records indicate that during the Monday appearance, Judge Holthus is expected to continue sentencing in another case involving Redden, related to a baseball bat attack. Initially charged with assault, Redden reached a plea deal with prosecutors in November, pleading guilty to a reduced charge of attempted battery resulting in substantial injuries.

Redden’s criminal history is marked by predominantly violent offenses, with prior convictions for three felonies and nine misdemeanors, according to District Attorney Steve Wolfson. Wolfson noted that Redden has displayed a pattern of violence throughout his adult life.

Despite Redden’s attempt to convince the judge otherwise during the Wednesday hearing, stating that he is not a rebellious person, the subsequent attack led to heightened concerns about his actions. Notably, at the time of the attack, Redden was not shackled or wearing jail attire as he had been released from custody while awaiting sentencing.

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