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Recap of Thursday, March 14th Call

Yesterday’s call was very awesome! We brought on a special guest who was able to successfully open his secure party creditor trust bank account with Fidelity bank using the necessary paperwork. He was even able to fund his account by claiming his UCC 1 as collateral.

In the beginning of the call, we played an audio from Charlie Chaplin on his powerful Message To Humanity. Chaplin’s message to humanity is very impactful and he speaks a ton of truth in the video. Embedded below is the Charlie Chaplin video of his message to all of humanity.

Emilio, one of A.W.A.R.E’s best, sought after consultants, a top apprentice of Patrick Devine, an expert and an established Secure Party Creditor, he knows who he is and who he isn’t, and more.

Topics of discussion: 

  1. Reason why you’re not getting remedy (hint: because of your attitude) 
  2. Remaining in honor and changing your mindset 
  3. Patrick Devine on reaching the youth 
  4. The correlation of health and law
  5. There are levels to life 
  6. Hear it from the man himself who successfully opened his Secure Party Creditor trust bank account with Fidelity bank using the necessary paperwork and how we was able to fund his account by claiming his UCC 1 as collateral. 



The reason why many aren’t getting remedy is because of your attitude. 
Many of you grow up with the similar attitude you had when you used to attend school with your peers. These are the kids that got kicked out of class a lot, you know, the ones who try to make silly jokes and are mad at the world. And they are the ones that think everything is a joke not realizing THEY ARE THE JOKE. Many of them are bullies. Police officers often grow up like this. They were once bullied on and end up becoming bullies as a sort of revenge and now you guys ae being bullied by the same people who bullied on or you are the bully and that could be why you aren’t getting remedy. 
Remaining in honor and changing your mindset are very important to having success.
Don’t contact AWARE after you come out of a set group or organization that did not get you the relief you were seeking yet come to AWARE expecting to get remedy. We notice a pattern with this and question why they didn’t get remedy is because they did not study, their mindset isn’t there or their attitude needs an adjustment. YOUR SUCCESS IS DEPENDENT ON YOU, NOT AWARE, NOT ANYONE. There’s no pointing fingers here that you are not successful because of us or any other organization. Patrick talked about this a lot and has taught us all great here at AWARE to watch out for certain individuals because he knows what we started was an everlasting project that would impact generations to come. 


Patrick Devine wanted to reach his teachings to the youth.
aw with many adults that they were stubborn and not willing to take the effort to study this knowledge that’ll free them. He felt the only hope left was with the youth, the young minds who were not as tainted as many adults, who had the guts more than many adults, who had the courage more than many adults, and who had the open mind more than adults to grasp this knowledge


Health and law correlate.
The correlation between health and law go hand in hand because because if you can’t take care of your health or if you’re going through health complications, that often interferes with the outcome of your paperwork. 


There are levels to life.
There are levels to life. That’s the answer to all of your questions, guys just like there are levels of different types of water. Just like many people think all water is the same. How silly is that?! You’ve got distilled water, alkaline water, acidic, mineral, gold and silver, reverse osmosis, and hard water to just name a few. But yet you have people thinking all water is the same.


Humanity needs some help.
A change in perspective of our brainwashed upbringings that has enslaved us and our children for years. 


That’s the mission of AWARE; to spread awareness and enlightenment. Think about this, people are being so brainwashed. Look at how they are taking selfies. They think they came of a duck! My ex did that in the 90s and to this day, 2019, she’s still doing that. Guys, there are levels to life! Patrick wanted to get into the health and wellness but it was too late for him unfortunately. 


People are following the wrong trends, the wrong people, the wrong mentor, the wrong information and when they get the real information and the real mentor – they look at us like we’re loonie! 


Opening your trust bank account with Fidelity Bank 
We brought on a special guest who shared his AMAZING testimony on how he was able to successfully open a bank account with Fidelity bank by using the necessary paperwork. He was even able to fund his account by claiming his UCC as collateral! 
Brian joined us in on the call to share his success story. He simply went to Fidelity bank in person and took with him the Abstract of Trust, his estate EIN confirmation letter and Banking Resolution documents. In addition, he took his UCC 1 and claimed it as collateral to fund his account! Really amazing. 
All you have to do is, go in person to Fidelity bank (or any bank) and take the following documents with you to open the bank account: 
1. Abstract of Trust
2. EIN Confirmation Letter
3. Banking Resolution (Please note that everyone that has signed the banking resolution as an authorized representative on the account will need to be present when opening the account. If this is not possible we suggest that you print a new blank banking
resolution and put N/A instead of signing for any party that will not be present present in opening the account.)
Importance Notice: No need to take any other documents, otherwise, it’ll confuse them!
4. UCC 1 Financial Statement 
Go in person to Fidelity bank and tell them you want to open a bank account. Better you don’t say “I am opening a trust bank account” to avoid confusing them. Let your paperwork speak for itself! The banker helping you open the bank account can clearly see that you wish to open your bank account for a trust, so there is no requirement of you to say trust bank account that you wish to open up. The less you say, the better the outcome. 
1. No Social Security Number 
Do NOT give them your social security number. Instead, use the Estate EIN for your trust which is for your trust. The process we use is for your ENS LEGIS Secure Party Creditor 14th Amendment trust of your ESTATE (ie. JOHN HENRY DOE TRUST). So watever name you choose for your trust, you’ll get an EIN for that trust. 
The purpose of doing this process is to remain on the private side. The SSN is on the public and utilizing this process is private so you can’t mix the two as they do not mix. 
2. Showing ID 

Since you are opening a bank account, ID is required. Some have attempted to use their birth certificate or passport instead as a form of ID which we think is a great ideas as it keeps you on the private side. 


3. Signing Your Name Without Liability

Always sign on all the documents, your name followed by the U.C.C 1-308, All Rights Reserved, Without Prejudice

Example; John Henry Doe, U.C.C 1-308, All Rights Reserved, Without Prejudice

Do NOT sign in blue or black ink. Sign in red ink to remain private, as the living man or woman sign in red ink, where the debtor signs in blue ink. Royals sign in purple, but the instructions specify red ink. 



We’ve heard instances where our customers were not able to sign using red ink because the notary would not allow it. IF that is the case with you, simply tell the notary that these documents are for tax issue or tax purpose. Typically, this ‘quiets’ them up because whenever you mention the Internal Revenue Service, then they get a bit nervous… 

To note, this did not happen to Brian as it went really great for him, but we’ve just heard instances where this happened to customers who had other form of documents to notarize so this is just a tip…

Brian knows how to assert himself where others may not. So it comes down to asserting your rights where need be. 


You’re Not a 14th Amendment Citizen 

If they ask if you’re a U.S. citizen: No, you’re not. You are in fact a non-alien citizen. Here’s why you’re not a U.S. Citizen, in short: 
The definition of a U.S. Citizen was/is not what we were led to believe means.
Are you aware? 
U.S citizen is defined in the UNITED STATES CODE underTitle 28 sec 3002 (15)(c) or under Title 26 sec 7701 (30)(A) or Title 16 sec 2432 (10)(B)(iii) et seq, or Title 46 sec 12102(a)(1).
I am not, nor have I ever been a citizen, subject, vessel, instrumentality, or corporation created by the laws of the UNITED STATES or resident of the United States which is a federal corporation as defined in Title 28 sec 3002(15)(A) of the United States Code and not to exceed ten square miles per the Constitution for the United States of America.
Because fraud vitiates contracts/instruments and even judgments, these contract/instruments are null and void, ab initio, through various elements of fraud.  
If you were not in born in Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico or Guam, you wee born an American National or a non-alien resident individual. See 26 CFR 1.87 (1) (1) (A) and 26 USC 7701 (B) (1) (B)
What does this mean? It means you are NOT obligated to pay taxes. 
More on this topic in a later blogpost…
Real customers sharing their successes. AWARE hears these types of testimonials DAILY and it’s always so refreshing to hear these testimonies. 
We look forward to hosting more of these calls and bringing on more of these special guests for the benefit of many. 
Feel free to comment below your thoughts and/or questions. 
About Last Night’s Playback Recording
Lastly, we want to apologize to everyone who was really anticipating listening to the playback for last night’s call. We feel to tell you that the entire call was not recorded in full because one of the hosts had accidentally, without knowing, pressed the stop recording button which ended the call right before we brought on our first special guest to share his testimonial on how was able to successfully open his bank account with Fidelity bank. Not to worry. These technical things happen sometimes, especially during a time when Mercury is retrograding right now. For those aware about astrology know what we mean by this.
For those who don’t know about astrology and how the planets and when they’re in alignment play a role, here’s some basics…
During a Mercury Retrograde, communication, relationships and electronics start to get a big frizzy… Communication may not be all that clear, one’s thoughts may become scattered; relationships may fall loose and electronics experience technical delays and interruptions. 
Signing contracts is often advised by astrologers to avoid signing contracts during this time and wait till the retrograde is over. 
Whenever a planet is retrograding, it means we have to do things over again, hence the word ‘retro’. Often times, retrogrades brings out the past such as people occurrences and/or events. So don’t think it’s entirely you or that you’ve gone loonie; it could be that you’re caught up in the retrograde of the planet! Interesting, eh?! 
Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience. Thankfully though, the first 1 hour of the call got recorded, which we made it available on our YouTube channel here for the benefit of many: 
These technical difficulties won’t happen in the future as the tech team will be on hand during the calls moving forward. 
Feel free to comment below to share your thoughts and questions you may have. 
We look forward to your feedback.
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    Sorry missed that meeting….Been so busy fighting this foreclosure case that I had to get some rest and overslept…Been up night and day researching….That tape is right on… I am going to use that …. I am going to try to make meeting if possible next time.. I see a lot of research and have gotten the UCC and amendments.. but I really see in all this studying that there must more than money (fake) there has to be some substance…Something that means something not just to your pocketbook but that mean something in your spirit.. Substance. -Unlimited value…

    Mary Ann Freeman Thomas

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      Greetings, Mary Ann Freeman!

      Your name sounds like a private, secure creditor woman 🙂

      Thank you for your feedback! We’re glad you were able to listen to the playback.

      A.W.A.R.E is hosting these calls weekly. Actually, we’ve upgraded our calls to webinars to provide our viewers a visual learning experience which helps better comprehend what is being explained and taught. Yesterday, we did our first webinar on how to redeem lawful money, which we received so much great feedback on! Here’s the playback to the webinar on redeeming lawful money:

      The playback of all our calls and webinars can be found in our call archive here:

      You’re right on with what you said about there’s more so something… Yes, in fact there is. We are starting to now share the lawful money process because we see our audience is mature enough and has the right mindset to go about such redemption and reimbursement.

      Thank you once again for your support, Mary!
      Stay aware.
      Peace and blissings ~
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