Trump’s Stimulus Program For The Citizens?!

//Trump’s Stimulus Program For The Citizens?!

Trump’s Stimulus Program For The Citizens?!

Are you aware of Trump’s stimulus program? Chances are, you have and probably eager to receive money back. We are going to briefly talk about this since we think it makes a good blogpost topic.


The Trump stimulous program pays Americans $1,000.00 per adult and $500.00 per child in a household. For a family of 4 (mom, daughter and 2 children), that’s a total of $3,900.00 for that household. 


Many are in appreciation towards this and may even be loving Trump because of it!


You see, the government does “these things” to make the American people rely on them. Where do you think they are getting all this money from? It’s sure not coming out of Trump’s net worth because he feels kind-hearted and wants to gift American with $1,000.00 for their hardship through the COVID-19! The money is coming from our Treasury Trust accounts that they taped into!


According to, they wrote the following in which they said:

The Trump administration’s proposal includes $500 billion going to individual Americans in the form of two separate checks. The administration is being forward with a push for the plan about saying their initial idea for elimination payroll taxes would take too long to get into place.

“We’re looking at sending checks to Americans immediately,” Mnuchin said on March 17. “And I mean now, in the next two weeks.”


Here’s the link to the full article to learn more about Trump’s stimulus program


Steven Mnunchin is receiving a lot more of our student’s SPC paperwork, which is mail is getting influxed with! 


In addition, tax day has been extended till July 15th, 2020, giving citizens time to file


Some great news! Interestingly enough, Wuhan, China is finally under control with no new COVID-19 cases. Here’s the link to the article to read more about it


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