Why Being a Secure Party Creditor Is Important More Than Ever!

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Why Being a Secure Party Creditor Is Important More Than Ever!

Chances are, you are aware of the outbreak that’s happening right now. We were not going to write a post on this topic, however, we felt that it was necessary to do so, considering that we are all about education and sharing awareness and not fake news. 


Many people right now are under fear and in panic mode due to the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. Due to this virus, there are many people headed to hospitals to get ‘treated’ and people held in quarantine for weeks. Thousands of U.S. Residents have been asked to self-quarantine where they are in their home for 14 days and are not allowed to go outside. Sound like a prison state? If you are aware, you know the answer to that…


There are even travel bans because of this virus and employers are asking their employees to work from home (for those who work in office-like settings).


The stock markets have crashed and cryptocurrencies have lowered (in the bear range). Many refer these times as it being “The Great Depression” again.


For those who are into investments and are aware of cryptocurrency, you may be intrigued to know that bitcoin was down to 5k this week! For those who are very familiar with cryptocurrency would not be scared of that dip, as Bitcoin has been known to rise and surpass many people’s expectations.


In addition, people are also scared of touching fiat! And this is quite good because that could mean the world would move towards using digital currency. 


In all truth, what is happening now is a reset, just like what happened years ago during The Great Depression and when America declared bankruptcy in 1933.


So while these times may seem gloomy, you don’t have to treat it like so. The wise ones takes advantage of these times if you know how to invest your monies wisely.


Without going into the history behind the below listed viruses/flus, we are going to share a timeline of the ones starting from 2002 and onward so you have an idea on whether or not you want to ‘buy’ the corona fear.

  • In 2002, we were told that the Nile virus was deadly.
  • In 2004, we were told that the Sars virus was deadly.
  • In 2005, we were told that the Bird flu was deadly.
  • In 2009, we were told that the Swine flu was deadly.
  • In 2014, we were told that the Ebola virus was deadly.
  • In 2016, we were told that the Zika virus was deadly.
  • And now in 2020, we are being told that the Coronavirus is deadly and has the potential to cause death.


Wake up people! Do you see all the fear they are creating?


For all the awoken folks, they are not buying this new virus.


If you look deeper into the C virus, you’ll see that the coronavirus is a flu that causes flu like symptoms and in addition, most of the people who’ve passed are those in their elder age.


President Trump declared National Emergency which means, Marshall law comes into affect. But… Marshall law is only for the U.S. Citizens. It’s not for the private citizens who are aware of what’s really going on.


For those who have been waiting “for the perfect time” to become an SPC, we believe that ‘perfect time’ has arrived.


We encourage you to look into 9/11 and the other virus listed above so you may become awoken of the true agenda behind those events.


Now is not the time to be a debtor. Let’s rise up and embrace these times right now because they too shall pass just like it has passed with the Sars, Swine, Zika, and Ebola. Months kater, you may not even hear about the coronavirus anymore! That would have been past us and old news. This is a repeating thing. Are you going to allow it to affect you this year if it has in the past or have you been awoken for years and never buy these viruses or flus?


To end this post, we would like to clarify that, we are by no means saying that the coronavirus is a joke to the point where you eat anything with a “YOLO” mindset. If you have a weak immune system, the coronavirus is something to be taken seriously. 


Eat as much raw living foods possible, steering away from meat, dairy, and processed foods as much as possible. 


Stress is the number one cause of disease. Be sure to not stress during these times and consume foods rich in megnesium as well. 


In the next coming days, one of the A.W.A.R.E Consultants are going to be sharing in a video more about this topic so stay tuned. 


In the meantime, stay safe and aware! 

Peace and Blissings. 


Source: NaturalNews.com Post

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