Why ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Is an Oxymoron

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Why ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Is an Oxymoron

In recent discussions on political status and individual freedoms, Justice Anna Von Reitz sheds light on a critical concept — the term “Sovereign Citizen” is deemed an oxymoron. Von Reitz emphasizes the mutual exclusivity of the terms “sovereign” and “citizen” in the realm of political statuses, labeling the combination as nonsensical.


Historically, the idea of a Sovereign Citizen has been portrayed as a potential test, revealing an individual’s level of understanding. Von Reitz suggests that those who accept this term may expose their ignorance, potentially making them susceptible to misinformation and exploitation. On the contrary, individuals who recognize the inconsistency in being both “sovereign” and a “citizen” concurrently demonstrate a deeper comprehension of political status intricacies and definitions.


Von Reitz encourages the dissemination of this knowledge to prevent individuals from unwittingly adopting misleading labels and to foster a greater understanding of the complexities surrounding political status. By delving into these discussions, individuals can empower themselves with insights into their rights, challenging conventional notions and fostering a more informed citizenry. Explore the intricacies of political statuses and discover how to navigate the narrative of individual freedom with the wisdom shared by Justice Anna Von Reitz.

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  1. Stevie King April 26, 2024 at 12:38 pm - Reply

    You are not a sovereign citizen BUT you are a Sovereign BEING under God’s Laws. There’s the difference, it’s spiritual and stands above to man’s laws. This is God’s creation not man’s and his rule is absolute!

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