Here’s Why The Lady Justice Is Blindfolded!

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Here’s Why The Lady Justice Is Blindfolded!

Have you ever wondered why the statue of the Lady Justice is seen wearing blindfolds?


In courts all over the world, you’ll find the statue of the Lady of Justice (or Lady Justice), whom has been used for several centuries now. She is also seen holding a set of scales and a double-edged sword in her hand, which is part of her symbolism as well.


Other names that the statue of Lady Justice goes by includes Lustitia and Justitia.


Are you aware of why the Lady Of Justice is wearing blindfolds?

The reason why the Lady Of Justice is wearing blindfolds is to represent objectivity and impartiality in matters of law and justice. In other words, this means, justice is objective. When you’re blind, you cannot see an individual’s skin color, identity, beauty, race, power, wealth, etc. Thus, you are unbiased in your decisions. 


The blindfolds covering the eyes of the Lady Justice represents that, Justice is Blind, the way it’s supposed to be. Why? Because in law, it does not matter the color of skin you have, how you look, who you are, or what beliefs you have – if a person committed a crime, they would have to be prosecuted in the most appropriate way. Where there is a victim, there is a crime. No victim, no crime! 


Justice is Blind and therefore, in result of that blindness, justice is best delivered in an objective and impartial way. 


So, now you know why the Lady Of Justice is wearing folds!


In another fact, the Lady Of Justice statue is also referred to as Blind Justice and the Scales of Justice. The Lady Of Justice is a combination of 2 goddesses, one of whom was a Roman goddess and a second goddess who was a Greek goddesses. Justitia who was the Roman goddess of justice whereas Themis who was the Greek goddess who encompasses divine order, law and custom.


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