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Secured Party Is About Banking

Are you aware?

That being a Secured Party is about banking. This is because you are interfacing with a commercial world. In this world, there is no constitutionally authorized money of exchange, only money of account (credit). Value is obtained by interest in THINGS, not the thing itself. As long as someone has a security interest in a property, then they have obtained value and can use that to conduct commerce in some fashion with others.

Status Correction in commerce is about ASSET PROTECTION/PRIVATE BANKING. Having a first lien position in the property. In America, there are wolves who are looking to place a lien on any unencumbered property they can find. Liens can be converted into bonds and sold on markets. Your property in commerce is represented by your social security number. Vultures, Parasites, and Predators of all sorts are waiting for the first opportunity to obtain an interest in your property through a lien process.

Here is an example:

In Georgia when you are convicted of a crime a lien is placed against you. This is spelled out clearly in O.C.G.A. 17-11-1

“O.C.G.A. 17-11-1 (2010)
17-11-1. Imposition of costs of prosecution upon defendant generally

The costs of a prosecution, except the fees of his own witnesses, shall not be demanded of a defendant until after trial and conviction. If convicted, judgment may be entered against the defendant for all costs accruing in the committing and trial courts and by any officer pending the prosecution. The judgment shall be a lien from the date of his arrest on all the property of the defendant. The clerk shall issue an execution on the judgment against the property.”

As you can see when you are found guilty a lien is placed against your property (Social security number). When you conduct a Secured Party process you are placing a claim (lien) against your property in order to obtain a first lien position. All other liens (claims) become junior to yours and have to satisfy your claim before they can enforce their own.

Secured Party also allows you to use the value of your beneficial interest (Entitlement Right) in your property and use that value to create a private negotiable instrument which serves as a credit to offset public obligations honorably.

There are other factors involved but this is an overall jest of the process and answers your questions as to WHY you change your status. In commerce, you have a status of a DEBTOR or a CREDITOR. The operational presumption has been that you are a US citizen (ENS LEGIS and property of the United States thus a DEBTOR). Giving NOTICE kills all operational presumptions of this fact and places you outside of the jurisdiction of the United States (Private); where the Masters of the Public Servants reside (CREDITOR).

Proverbs 22:7
The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.


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