Truth About Americans & Voting

//Truth About Americans & Voting

Truth About Americans & Voting

Have you recently voted or voted in the past and having second doubts on why you voted? Maybe you were unaware of what voting does to your strawman by entering it into the public system.

If you read the 14th Amendment put in place by the Scottish Interloper, which established itself in 1868 and started operating as The United States of America, Incorporated, you will see that Municipal citizens of the United States and average Americans were prohibited from voting in Territorial elections—more than 9 million people, or a majority of the otherwise eligible population at the time—and denied any say as to who would serve as
“President” of the country.

As far as their public records go, their private law and still prohibits anyone other than a Territorial employee or dependent from voting in their corporation elections.

We advise people to cancel any voter registrations if they are returning to American land (dejure side) and their birthright political status for this reason.

We advise people to cancel any voter registrations if they are returning to American land (dejure side) and their birthright political status for this reason.

A contract that would appear to be unlawful and deficient under our law but is valid under their foreign law is known as an adhesion contract. This type of contract can be enforced under Roman Civil Law (Municipal Law) as long as the victim doesn’t realize it for what it is and doesn’t object.

This includes unethical agreements such as birth certificates, implied agreements such as voter registrations, “required” enrollments such as Social Security, license fraud such as marriage licenses, and debt assumption fraud such as mortgages. The Municipal United States Government uses Roman Civil Law, which is very different from our law. First off, it allows for implied and concealed contracts and presumes culpability rather than innocence.

The accusations made against Washington State Governor Jay Inslee for the harm his statements regarding COVID 19, wearing face masks, etc., have caused provide a recent (and shocking) public example of this.

His answer? He never implemented his proclamations, thus, he could not be held accountable for any losses resulting from them.

he made his proclamations with the full knowledge that, to the average person, they appeared to have legal authority; nonetheless, he believed that doing so would harm those who followed them, under their own authority.

Millions of Washingtonians have suffered as a result of following his orders, and thousands of businesses in the city closed “voluntarily” and he blames it all on their ignorance of the boundaries of his authority.

The most powerful thing we can do is to declare our rightful political standing as an American and joining your State Assembly are the best ways to accomplish this.

If you are looking to rescind your voter’s registration and correct your status, you may do so via the Rescind Voter’s Registration Package.

If you’re looking to speak to a consultant by phone, feel free to book a consultation via the link here.

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