Emilio Discusses The Ban on Andrew Tate & Why Now is The Time To Say ‘No More’

//Emilio Discusses The Ban on Andrew Tate & Why Now is The Time To Say ‘No More’

Emilio Discusses The Ban on Andrew Tate & Why Now is The Time To Say ‘No More’

We’re excited to share with you that in the next coming days, Emilio will be sharing his insight and input on the banning of the most hated man in the world, Andrew Tate.
Emilio wants to come out with this video to help bring to light subject matters that are very important in this society like fake news, misinformation, and taking things out of context. Andrew has been accused of being a woman hater, a sexist, and for exposing the lies and the deceits from government from the elections to the plandemic, and to the vaxx. He believes in sovereignty and exposes the power systems and the matrix within the government, which is the reason for his shadow banning.
Now is the time to stand up against our rights because if they can just shut a man down for no good reason other than for exposing the lies in the matrix and him trying to spread upliftment—then they don’t care about who they will ban next.
This is a violation of our first amendment rights. Even if you never got banned, every time they stop a truther, they are essentially stopping you as well, so you should be mad that they banned Andrew Tate. One woman or man’s restriction of rights is a restriction of yours too! “They” act like they have our best interest yet, they spray our air and tamper with our water.
This is why we have to CANCEL these scruby, under-the-dirt social media platforms, and ultimately stop using them! These companies are acting like a bunch of chimps, and we are not going to tolerate that!
They think banning one will make us weaker but, do you ever notice that it makes one stronger? Look at the former President Trump for example. Do you think that him getting banned from Twitter would make him powerless? No. In fact, it inspired him to create his own social media platform.
By just publishing this post in this manner in Emilio’s words is a risk as we can get banned by the platform we’re using, but we don’t care! If they try to ban us, they will be exposed. You can’t ban the whole world, and there’s more of US than there is of them. Why in this day and age do we have to be careful by sending an email using a platform that threatens us?!
Emilio will be launching a video next week about this, and an email will be sent with the link, so stay tuned.
In closing, all we’re saying is, don’t believe everything you hear on the internet/matrix, and don’t base your judgments from a small, a few second length duration video clips either. We are not saying that we are 100% on the side of Andrew; we’re just spreading a message about a situation that can easily happen to anyone. You decide what you think about his information.
In the meantime, here’s a video from Andrew Tate’s final message.



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  1. William August 29, 2022 at 8:33 am - Reply

    I find much to respect in and about you Mr Tate.

    Bollocks to the imbeciles who choose otherwise. Unimportant emotional claptrap . . . we can all do without seeing and hearing.

    Keep all you do up 👍

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