The Wizard of Oz – The Coding of the Film & What Happened to America

//The Wizard of Oz – The Coding of the Film & What Happened to America

The Wizard of Oz – The Coding of the Film & What Happened to America

You can find clues and truths snuck in by the Powers That Be… if you look hard enough at what is actually going on, just as you can read between the gory lines in the newspaper on any given day in America. This type of ‘notice’ can also be seen in more lighthearted medium… movies!


As you may be aware, movies have become a popular form of entertainment in the United States. Millions of people go to the movies, and VHS tapes and DVDs fill in the rest. The story line, topics, and time frames vary depending on the text and the Directors’ vision.


‘The Wizard of Oz,’ for example, was an allegory for the new condition of affairs in America in the 1930s, following the stock market crash and the subsequent true bankruptcy of the United States government.


The film ‘The Wizard of Oz’ is not only a children’s film, yet that is how it is today, and it has become a national icon of historical significance, replayed every year on television… just for the kids.


The symbolism in the film, which can be found in almost every character and aspect of the ‘set’ and so-called ‘special effects’ and props at the time, is often overlooked. After reading this essay and seeing the movie again, you… and your children… will never be the same! Kansas was the setting: Heartland America, the geographical core of the United States. The twister, the tornado, arrives, bringing with it the swirling confusion of the stock market crisis, which has left everyone economically ‘dizzy!’ It foreshadowed the theft of America’s gold, as well as the impending bankruptcy of the United States and the Great Depression. Dorothy and Toto were swept away by the tornado into a new, artificial (dream-like) dimension above Kansas’ solid ground. When Dorothy wakes up, she is in the ‘Land of Oz.’ “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore,” Dorothy says to her small buddy.


That’s correct. Kansas was no longer just “Kansas” after the bankruptcy; it was now “KS,” an artificial corporate venue of the bankrupt United States, newly constituted “federal territory,” part of the “Federal Zone,” and Dorothy and Toto had arrived in “this state.”


Dorothy meets three peculiar ‘characters’ on her voyage through this strange realm, each with a distinct problem or aspect as depicted on the silver screen, but their true identity has been decoded, and it follows!


The Scarecrow (a straw man – a front) was the first, and ‘he’ identified his Straw-man character for Dorothy; “Some people who do not have brains talk a lot. Of course, I’m not that brilliant when it comes to doing stuff.” “I’d unravel every riddle, for every ‘individdle,’ (individual) in sorrow or pain,” the Scarecrow/Straw-man argues simply in his legendary song, “If I Only Had a Brain.”


In the light of Redemption, we might translate it as follows: Once one discovers that his Straw-man exists, all political and legal mysteries, complexities, and confusions are resolved or understood, and once one takes legal title (control) to his ‘Straw-man,’ he becomes the ‘authorized representative’ of the ‘Straw-man,’ to accept and discharge (settle) all commercial affairs, as in Oz (the new commercial world – aka the MATRIX).


The Tin Guy, or “T.I.N. man” (also known as Taxpayer Identification Number), was the second character. The Tin Man was a metal hollow man, a “vessel,” a “vehicle,” a new commercial code phrase for the Straw-man. The Tin Man, like the Scarecrow, lacked both a brain and a heart. They were both “artificial people.” “Counterfeit” is one of Webster’s definitions of “tin.” The Tin Man also symbolized the cold, mechanical nature of commerce and commercial law. “Nothing personal, it’s just business,” as they say in the Mafia. And in another field that is akin to the Mafia, the legal profession, they have the mindset that “bidding is bidding.” The callous Tin Man also wielded an ax, the customary emblem for God in prior dominant civilizations, including fascist nations, i.e., modern commercial law. “I’ve held that ax aloft for decades,” the Tin Man exclaimed after Dorothy had oiled his rusty points and pieces, feeling relief.


The name “ace” is related to the word “ax,” and in a deck of cards, the Ace is the only card above the King, i.e. God. Italy, one of World War II’s “Axis” Powers, was a fascist state. The “fasces,” a bundle of rods with an ax wrapped up in the middle and its blade projecting, is a symbol for fascism. The fasces can be found on the back of the American Mercury-head Dime (‘Mercury’ was the God of Commerce in Roman pantheon). It’s also on the wall behind and on each side of the speaker’s podium in the US Senate (each gilded fasces is about six feet tall), and there are two crossed fasces at the base of the US Senate seal.


The third figure Dorothy met was the Cowardly Lion, also known as the “King of Beasts,” who, as the most dreaded of all jungle animals, lacked “courage!” The Lion represents the once fearless Americans who have since lost their bravery. Yes, there are many “hot talkers” out there; just tune in to your local radio talk shows to see what I mean. American males enjoy talking, but none of them have the guts to “DO” anything! The corporate Federal System and local revenue collectors, i.e. cops and judges in their so-called courtrooms (tribunals) of justice, are terrorizing the American people. You undoubtedly lost some of your courage after your first few encounters with the ‘Just-Us’ system, believing there was ‘justice’ in the courts. And you may not realize it, but the IRS has been dealing with solely your ‘Straw-man’ (Debtor) purely under Commerce regulations, and they are as callous as the Tin Man! Dorothy and her three companions had learnt that they needed to see the “Wizard” after arriving in Oz. They only had to “follow the yellow brick road” to find the Wizard (gold is known as “yellow bricks” and is melted into “ingots!”).


All that is required is to follow the trail of America’s stolen gold to the crook who stole it. The Wizard was first depicted by the itinerant mystic “Professor Marvel,” whom Dorothy met when she fled away with Toto at the beginning of the film. He was “Acclaimed By The Crowned Heads of Europe, Past, Present, and Future,” according to his macabre banner. Professor Marvel had to be a regular magician if he was praised by Europe’s future crowned heads before they were even crowned! The bankers had long since disempowered and robbed the Christian monarchy of Europe before stealing America. Perhaps “Professor Marvel” knew something about the future that the rest of us didn’t. The good professor told Dorothy about the priests of Isis and Osiris and the days of the Egyptian pharaohs, with a human skull gazing down from its painted perch above the door inside his wagon!


Dorothy and her new friends were overjoyed to see the Emerald City, which was only a short distance away, when they emerged from the jungle. The Wicked Witch of the West then appeared, anxious for Dorothy’s ruby shoes, which possessed extraordinary abilities. The original novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, released in 1900 (39 years earlier), had silver slippers, not red. The slippers were originally silver, but were altered to ‘red’ to make the movie more vivid!


America still possessed all of its gold and silver at the time the book was written. One ounce of gold was valued at 15 ounces of silver, with silver being the more abundant of the two metals and sometimes referred to as “poor man’s gold!” America’s hoard of silver and gold, which backed the currency, catapulted the country to preeminence in the world at the time, just as Dorothy’s silver shoes did. However, as previously stated, the film’s slippers were red rather than silver when it was released in 1939.


Between 1916 and 1933, the ‘privately owned’ Federal Reserve Banks collected up the majority of America’s gold and transported it to the Fed’s owners in England and Germany. The rationale for this was because Federal Reserve Notes could only be redeemed in gold, and using them came with an interest penalty that could only be paid in gold. The American people were duped into exchanging their gold for (worthless) green-ink-printed paper. Our former currency, United States Notes, had no such interest obligations, but the Federal Reserve Notes offered a better deal. JFK was assassinated because he was reissuing United States Notes with no interest!


When the United States declared bankruptcy in 1933, all gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates were required to be turned in by May 1st, also known as “May Day”, the birthday of Communism in Bavaria in 1776, the birthday of the IRS, and celebrated worldwide as the “International Workers Holiday,” a holy day to the Wizard and his tribe. If you talk to those who were alive at the time, you might learn that the general attitude about such theft was on the verge of a second revolution. Maybe Dorothy’s skipping down the “Yellow Brick Road” in a pair of “silver slippers” was too much of a hint, or too much salt in the wound, and for whatever reason, a hue less likely to irritate or anger was chosen.


In terms of choosing “ruby,” or red-colored, slippers: The major meaning of red, at least on documents and the like, is that it is the color of blood, as in flesh-and-blood, and hence represents a live, breathing person, as opposed to a corporate/artificial entity. The color ‘Red’ could also have been chosen because of the Rothchilds family, who founded the International Banking Federal Reserve. It does mean “private” rather than “public.”


The private-side ‘bond/account’ tied to the public side of your “Straw- man’s” Social Security Account is indicated by a red serial number on the reverse of your new Social Security Card.


The red-sticker system is used by postal workers. All other mail carries “limited liability,” while registered mail carries “personal accountability”. The ruby slippers most likely represented “citizens of the United States,” Straw-men with the counterfeit “corporate blood” of blue-black ink on a birth certificate, as opposed to “citizens of the United States,” Straw-men with the counterfeit “corporate blood” of blue-black ink on a birth certificate. The Wicked Witch of the West, regardless of their hue in the film, desired those slippers at any costs and had to act quickly before Dorothy and her companions could reach the Emerald City.


The Witch’s strategy was to cover the land in poppy flowers, or “poppies,” which are the source of heroin, opium, and morphine, symbolically drugging them (the American people), then waltz in and take the slippers. To put it another way, the easiest method to control the American people and promote the economy was to dull their senses by drugging them (Note: LSD was created the same year, 1939, by Dr. Albert Hoffman). The poppies/drugs had an effect on Dorothy, the Lion, and Toto, our human friends, but not on the Scarecrow or the Tin Man, who were manufactured things. Glenda, the Good Witch of the North, heard their cries for aid and responded with a coating of snow, aka cocaine, a stimulant that neutralized the narcotic effect of the poppies/opium on Dorothy, the Lion, and Toto. Apart from marijuana, heroin and cocaine in various forms are the two most readily available drugs on American streets at this time.


We heard the Munchkins singing about the magnificence of the Wizard’s invention as they scurried toward Emerald City, the city of green (Federal Reserve Notes, the new fiat “money,” or “money by decree”):


“You’re out of the woods, You’re out of the dark, You’re out of the night, Step into the sun, step into the light, Keep straight ahead, for the most glorious place on the face of the Earth or the stars!” The above jingle is chock-full of llluminist-Luciferian images and metaphors relating to darkness and light.”


Around 1099 A.D., the Wicked Witch of the West made her home in a circular, medieval watchtower, an ancient symbol of the Knights Templar of Freemasonry, who are known for practicing witchcraft and are also credited with inventing modern banking. The Wicked Witch of the West was likewise clad in black, the color of Saturn, the sacred icon of the Knights Templar, and the preferred gown color of judges and priests.


Is it possible that “gentle” actually means “gentile”? Aunt Em was relegated to “pushing the Party line” for Big Brother after Miss Gulch defied them to withhold Toto and “go against the law.” She acquiesced to the pressure and unwillingly counseled Dorothy. [Does this sound like the majority of Americans?] “Dorothy, we can’t break the law. I’m worried Toto will be forced to leave.” ” “If you don’t hand over that dog, I’ll bring a damned suit that’ll take your whole farm!” Miss Gulch screamed when Dorothy refused to surrender Toto.


Today, 70 percent of all attorneys in the world live in the West – specifically, America – and 95 percent of all cases are filed in the United States. The Wicked Witch of the West and Miss Gulch, great friends, represent the American legal system, which includes judges and attorneys (including the attorney-run US Congress). They are the major executors and henchmen in the transfer of all wealth in America from the people to the banks and the government. Miss Gulch, the Wicked Witch of the West, desired the silver slippers and precious metals, while the Wicked Witch of the West desired Toto. What does “toto” imply in “attorney language,” that is, Latin? “Everything!” exclaims the speaker.


Dorothy and her three companions arrived in the Emerald City after a long journey. They requested an audience with the Wizard, were led inside, and brought before him; a massive picture speaking loudly behind glass, comparable to ‘smoke and mirrors!’ In the beginning, Dorothy and the gang succumbed to the Wizard’s deception, power, and instructions. But it was young Toto, acting on instinct, who ripped aside the curtain to reveal the Wizard’s deception; a ‘front-man’ for the Wizard… a ‘agent’ for the FICTION… this Wizard the people feared. The Wizard, this colossal apparition speaking loudly behind glass, might very well represent how, with the introduction of television, the power of government speech is now in the hands of the people. Because if it was broadcast on television, it must be true! People will, of course, believe their government… won’t they? Do you recall the drugs?


But Dorothy and the others soon realized what the Wizard was and exposed him for what he was: a confidence man. When the ‘agent’ (administrative agencies) was asked about assisting the Scarecrow/Straw-man in “getting a brain,” he handed the Straw-man a piece of paper and a “university” diploma. The Wizard also said “the realm of. E Pluribus Unum,” which is Latin for “one out of many,” i.e., transforming many into one New World Order, or Novus Ordo Seclorum, which was a Latin phrase printed on the American One Dollar Bill immediately after the bankruptcy. “Born and reared in the middle of the Western wilderness, an old Kansas man myself!” he proudly revealed/confessed. He gave the TIN man a ‘ticker’ (clock) that was supposed to sound like a heart (but wasn’t!). He also handed the Lion a ‘Medal’ to show that the Lion was brave. These were all, of all, mere trinkets in the Land of Oz – a made-up world! The bankers did well in Europe, but they made a fortune in the “Western wilderness,” i.e. America, by stealing American gold, labor, and property, as the Wizard pointed out. “… appreciative and responsive rural folk,” according to John D. Rockefeller, who populated the country at the time.


When Dorothy requested Glenda, the Good Witch of the North (who represents honesty, good faith, and Christianity) for assistance in returning to Kansas, Glenda responded, “You are not in need of assistance. You’ve always had the option of returning to Kansas.” “There’s no place like home!” simply click your heels three times (three days – Truth in Lending).


Traduction: You’ve always had the authority and responsibility to restore your sovereignty; you just forgot about it or were never taught about it. The people have “all power!” according to the Oregon Bill of Rights. Because the people are the genuine sovereign authority, all you have to do now is wake up from the ‘Powers-that-Be’s drugged-like influence on you and the American people as to that power and position, and then exercise it.


The process of reclaiming your sovereignty, which is the remedy in today’s bankrupt commercial world, entails filing a UCC-l Form with the Secretary of State and a Charge Back Invoice with Bill of Exchange with the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, whereby you can take commercial control of your Straw-man (with a T.I.N. number) and charge up your UCC Contract Trust Account so that you can discharge your debtor’s debt(s).


Americans have firsthand knowledge of the merciless mechanics of the laws of commerce, which are scrupulously applied by the Internal Revenue Service’s unregistered foreign agents. The IRS (accounting firm and collection agency for the private Federal Reserve Bank) was established in 1954 under the UCC and has only operated in that domain since then.


And, on a separate basis, how was the evil Witch brought down? A bucket of ‘water’ (the true substance of all things, good and healthy – basic water [H20]) accidentally annihilated the ‘evil’ Witch, just as the ‘0’ in Ozone destroys virus and bacteria (cancer), so did the oxygen in the water destroy the evil Witch!


You might be curious about the meaning of the phrase “The Wizard of Oz” in the title. Use a dictionary to look them up. It’s right there in the open for you to see if you look closely enough, just like practically everything else. “A exceptionally bright or skilled individual,” according to one definition of “wizard.” The acronym “OZ” comes from the Italian word “onza,” o-n-z-a, which means “ounce,” or “ounces,” the unit of measurement for gold, silver, and other precious metals. No matter how much gold or silver is being discussed, the amount is always represented in ounces, such as “so many million ounces” of gold rather than “hundreds of tons”.


The “Wizard of Oz” was actually the Wizard of Ounces, as the country’s historical records show. What happened to the gold that underpinned America’s currency? Why were bankers and attorneys working for foreign principals, the private federal reserve (constituting the 20 Class A Stockholders – largely private bankers!), and the private federal reserve all organized and greased by POLITICIANS back then and until today?


Only because it is not in politicians’ minds today to remedy the situation and give them complete and total control over the formation, minting, and circulation of “United States Money” backed by gold (substance/value!).


wizard-of-oz-charactersWhat everyone must realize is that, as things stand, the current commercial system is beneficial for everyone… as long as everyone understands the ‘program!’ Perhaps “The Wizard of Oz” was the “introduction to the program as to the monetary state and developments in American” at the time. It appears that no one informed (fully disclosed) the American people about the transition, as well as how to operate in this new commercial environment where all genuine value has been gone and replaced with commercial paper!


Things turned out great for Dorothy, i.e. the people of the United States. She “made it home” in the end. In other words, there is a legal recourse. It was encoded, masked, and camouflaged, but it was still there. Fortunately, the code has been cracked, and, just as in the movie, there is a way home. “There’s no place like home,” Dorothy replied, and there isn’t! For a sovereign people, nothing beats sovereignty! In the Redemption Process, we have a commercial remedy.


Will you continue to be duped by the confidence men and believe the Wizard’s words emanating from that box of ‘smoke and mirrors’ known as the television, or will you learn from Dorothy and “look behind the scenes” to see the scam for what it is? Will you rise above the situation and gain the information to become a Secured Party Creditor, private banker, and Sovereign to join the ranks of those who are above the government, rather than being a ‘debtor-slave on the plantation’ living in debt and servitude? It’s entirely up to you. Dorothy did it many years ago to teach the American people (and possibly children) the path, how to do it, and that it is possible.


“Now go rent or buy the movie and see it again for the first time with your eyes wide open!”


In America, there are just debts or creditors, no law, and only the law of contracts and agreements, as well as commercial paper.


” … Follow the yellow brick road … follow the yellow brick road … “


……………………………………….. Stick to the money trail!


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