Fiction At Law and What Does It Have To Do With You?

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Fiction At Law and What Does It Have To Do With You?

Have you heard of the term “fiction at law” or “legal fiction”?

A ‘fiction at law’ or can also be referred to as ‘legal fiction’ is an entity artificially created that is not real in the eyes of the law by woman and men. Legal fictions are not natural entities, such as people.

A created legal fiction has privileges, not rights. The privileges that legal fictions have resembles the rights that people have such as the right to hold property and to posses a car.

The debtor also referred to as an ENS LEGIS or nom de guerre, is a public entity that has no soul. One has to remember that, You, the flesh and blood being are NOT your NAME. You are NOT the ALL CAPITAL LETTERED NAME on your birth certificate yet, we agree and claim to be the ENS LEGIS name when the magistrate asks you in court, “are you JOHN DOE?”.

The answer to such a question would be “I am the Agent/Heir over the all capital lettered name.”

Yes, it may be a back and forth battle/conversation but it’s all a TEST. If you don’t fold when the magistrate asks you if you are the NAME, then you may stand the ‘test of time’ to get remedy.

So what does the legal fiction have to do with you?

Looking at herstory, back in 1933, the governors of all the States in America met to discuss the “emergency” declared by POTUS Franklin D. Roosevelt, to support the new process that was being established. The “government” then was in bankruptcy and had to be funded while under being bankrupt. The governors made a “pledge” to the United States, INC. to fund it. The pledge was that the assets and the energy of the people (which is YOU) would back the government, securing the debt.

Public and private do not mix and thus, the creditor (which is your Upper and lowercase name) has to create a “bridge” between the fictions and the people to bring the people under control and make them subservient to the government corporation via their pledge.

When the governors made the pledge, they agreed to register the birth certificates of the people witht he U.S. Department of Commerce.

Are you aware that the birth certificate is a SECURITY INSTRUMENT (collateral) used to back up the pledge. The legal fiction entity was created using the NAME on the birth certificate and writing it in all capital letters.

Due to the pledge, YOU were determined to be surety for the legal fiction.

The one who is responsible to pay is the surety.

When you receive a letter from the government or any corporation that has your NAME in all capital letters, they are tricking you to think it’s You but it’s NOT YOU!

You and YOU are two different entities. JOHN DOE and John Doe are separate entity types. JOHN DOE is the legal fiction whereas the John Doe is the living being.

A flesh and blood woman or man cannot be a fictional entity because the ens legis has no soul.

One is real and the other is fiction created at law.

In cases where the court or any other government agency determines liability, it is a liability directed to or laid upon he DEBTOR since everything is done in commerce with fictions/corporate entities.

You are presumed as evidenced by the “pledge” of your governor to be the surety for the Straw-man and you must pay the fine, fee, taxes, debt, or other liability. Every transaction is presumed by the government to be a transaction in commerce by legal fiction, and a transaction in commerce is also called a Transaction Of a Security Interest (TOSI).

One way to get out of the matrix and take superior lien over your DEBTOR/ESTATE is via our very powerful secure party creditor filing package that ensures you are filed correctly.

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