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Is Sovereignty For You?

Sovereignty and walking the road to redemption is not for everyone and by this, we are not trying to discriminate. Let us explain.


If you are weak, timid, can’t think for yourself, must have public officials always telling you what to do, and the like – then sovereignty is not fitted for you.


One must be able to dedicated hours into studying, to read and apply what they learned, which means, they’ll go through some adversity (such as denials, rejections, etc) .


We have to overstand that, there is a commercial scheme that is being done against every man, woman and child today and this has been going on for decades! The sole purpose of this scheme is to allow the governmental corporations to ‘survive’ and continue to serve themselves. In Charlie Chaplin’s speech, he said “dictators free themselves and enslave the people.” This holds so much truth!


The governmental corporations are doing this under a socialistic bankrupt democracy, resembling social communism.


When one takes the initiative steps to become a secure party creditor, they ‘move’ their Debtor who is a Slave on the Plantation to becoming a private creditor and eventually perfecting their sovereignty, with processes that involves status correction, creating a common law trust, etc.


We receive an influx of emails on a daily basis from people seeking our help and services and many are looking to ‘escape the matrix’. One of the questions we get asked is,


During your journey to redemption, you WILL BE TESTED. You WILL GET DENIALS and you WILL GET RESISTANCE. But it’s HOW YOU HANDLE the tests, the denials and resistance that determines whether one will get remedy.


Getting involved in sovereignty is like takng the red or blue pill. You have to decide which color pill you’ll take and depending on the color, you’ll either be lead to the debtor/slave plantation (the blue pill) or you’ll be led to the Wizard and on the path to full awarenss (the red pill).


If you decide to take the red pill, this is an epic journey you’ll embark.


Like in the movie, “The Matrix”, if you take the blue pill, you wake up in your bed, believing whatever you want and you go back to the slave road and all remains the same, having no rights but privileges and only a debtor, ‘lost at sea’, owning nothing.


Or, if you take the red pill, you’ll be awake telling yourself “I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore.” and removed from the Matrix, entering the private side. You’ll be exposed to all the rabbit tricks known as the truth and soon (through studying), you’ll learn how to get out of the system.


Once you’ve taken the red pill, chances are, you will not be the same!


There are many people right now seeking our help and assistance and we opened our doors to 12 more people! In addition, we’ve extended our 7 Day Flash Sale till Wednesday, April 1, 2020 (and no, it’s not an April Fools joke!)


If you have any questions or interested in our help, please do not hesitate to let us know by emailing


So, the questions we ask you are, is sovereignty for you? Do you have a bold spirit and are you a strong individual? Would you go away knowing that you have not committed a crime but to know that, you can sue and get your remedy later?

We’re curious to know! Please share your comments and reply below.

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