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The Introduction To Awareness Podcast Episode 1 by Emilio

We are excited to share with you all today that, Emilio joins us back with another epic episode but this time, in the form of a podcast! 

Many of the A.W.A.R.E fans have requested that we share more educational audios as it helps them listen while they drive, exercise, cook, and other activities that they can multi-task while learning in the background. 

In Emilio’s first Podcast Episode, he shares a brief introductory on awareness as there are many aspects to becoming awoken. 

For those of you who are new and not sure who Emilio is, Emilio is a Videosist, Spokesman and Influencer for A.W.A.R.E, and one of the top consultants, paralegals and researchers here as well. He does a lot of great works to help people become aware and we are so very grateful for him and his tremendous and amazing efforts and support in A.W.A.R.E!

So far, we received great feedback form supporters who enjoyed Emilio’s first episode. Here’s great feedback we received from one of our great listeners and students.

The podcast was very informative, I like how Emilio gave beginners information and knowledge because I have a knowing that repetition is a key to overstanding. 

I loved the zen music playing in background, it provides a calmness and kind like meditation on what he’s saying.
I look forward to the next episode.😊
Peace and blessings


In Emilio’s first episode, he talks about September 11, chemtrails and the neurotoxins found in them, the foods we eat, a bit about the strawman and the birth certificate, and what to do if you encounter public officials. 


Listen to the podcast below and be sure to leave us your feedback on how you enjoyed the show! We look forward to sharing more of these types of podcasts



In case the above podcast does not play, listen to the show via the link here


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