Hegelian Dialectic: What It Is & How Does It Apply To You?

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Hegelian Dialectic: What It Is & How Does It Apply To You?

Are you aware of what Hegelian Dialectic is? Have you heard of it? 


Hegelian dialectic is ‘PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION’ and how it works is like this:


  1. The government creates or exploits a problem in which attributes blame to others.
  2. The people react by asking the govt for protecton and help (safety and security) to help solve the problem.
  3. Then, the government offers the solution that was planned by them long before the crisis occured.

What’s the outcome? The outcome of all of this is: the rights and liberties are exchanged for the illusion of protection and help. 

Also look into ‘project mockingbird’. It’s quite related to this!
In brief, ‘Operation Mockingbird’ was an implemented CIA program spreading misinformational (intentionally) throughout American media. The CIA director, William Colby, testified to the Church Committee that over 400 CIA agents were active in the U.S. media to control what was reported through American mainstream media television, newspapers, radio, and magazines. Someone say ‘manipulation’!
This is the great awakening, literally unfolding right before our very eyes! Are you awake to see the show?!

With so many people literally on HOUSE ARREST, they have more time on their hands to read books they set aside, spend more family time, eat healthier, mediate, sleep more hours and possibly even better, launch a new business, and most importantly, educate yourself!! There are NO EXCUSES now that people can’t become researchers or take the time to learn new things and find out what’s really going on.
Stay aware! 
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  1. Bruce delvalle June 7, 2022 at 11:31 pm - Reply

    This was so informative, I’m shocked this isn’t taught in schools, I knew the government had a reason
    And a method, but never heard of this, this is astounding , and I’m to understand this is as old as the early 1800’S, with the 2nd central bank until Andrew Jackson was against it, which created the federal reserve, someone tell me if this is correct, I love American history, and I want know facts

  2. FRANCINE October 23, 2022 at 12:09 pm - Reply


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