Regain Your Land Through Land Patent – Contact Us To Inquire About the Price

//Regain Your Land Through Land Patent – Contact Us To Inquire About the Price

Regain Your Land Through Land Patent – Contact Us To Inquire About the Price

How would you like to get the highest title on the land and obtain Allodial Title over your home? Are you currently facing a foreclosure or eviction? Do you know if your home has a lien? If there aren’t any liens on your property or properties, then you’re in luck! A.W.A.R.E can help you get Allodial Title over your property and get your home free and clear!


If you would like to get allodial title over your property or properties, please first contact us at Make sure to include your phone number so that we may be able to text you.



Are you tired of uncertain property rights and the constant fear of losing your land? A land patent is the solution you’ve been looking for.


A land patent is a document that grants ownership of a specific piece of land to an individual or organization. It is a legal instrument that confirms your ownership and grants you the right to use, sell, or pass on the land to future generations.


With a land patent, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property rights are secure. You’ll have the ability to make improvements to the land, build on it, or sell it without any legal issues. Plus, you’ll have the added bonus of being able to pass on the land to your children and future generations as a valuable inheritance.


It’s a good idea to purchase your home and immediately place it in a Land Patent and buy the home in a Land Trust.


In regards to water rights, with some small exceptions, as the owner of the land, you have the right to use and control any water that originates on the property, such as rainwater, springs, and wells, with a few exceptions. This means that the government is not able to regulate or monitor the usage of water by the owner.


Warranty Deed is not ownership over a property. This Deed in fact, prevents one from having Title over their home. A Warranty Deed is not a conveyance of true property ownership. It only serves as an imitation of title originally issued by the State. As a result, property or land conveyed under a Warranty Deed is still subject to codes, regulations, and taxation.


Are there any downsides to a Land Patent?

Obtaining a land patent has some downsides, such as difficulty in getting loans or financing for the land. Additionally, removing the land from the county tax rolls may result in a lack of emergency services response to 911 calls. One potential solution to this issue is to establish private contracts with emergency services providers, such as police, fire, and ambulance services, and the sheriff’s office.


Aside from this, a land patent grants exclusive rights to use and develop the land, and ensures that no third-party claim can be made against it. However, if you do not claim your land, it is vulnerable to being taken away by others. To prevent this, it is important to claim the benefits of your land patent, which is known as Allodial Title. This holds more weight than a Warranty Deed, also known as Color of Title (Imitation), which does not convey true property ownership. Failure to claim the benefits of your land patent can lead to being considered a tenant, subject to the regulations and whims of attorneys and regulators. To secure full ownership and avoid being a tenant on your own land, it is important to make a proper land claim via the Land Patent process.


Please Note: A Land Patent is NOT the same as a Land Trust!


With a Land Patent, you can rest assured that your property rights are protected, as it is both constitutional and rooted in biblical principles. Once properly established, a Land Patent cannot be challenged by any third party. These patents were issued directly by the national government to individuals, and some were also issued by states. You can trace the ownership of present-day parcels back to their original patents.


In order to qualify to get Land Patent on your home, your home canNOT have any current liens on it. If you don’t know if your house has a lien on it, you can confirm this by calling your county clerk and speaking to the correct representative who handles liens on property. 


Benefits of a land patent:

  • You own your home free and clear through the highest title of the land – Allodial Title
  • No need to show up in court to prove you own your land
  • Paying property taxes is no longer a responsible as the Land Patent eliminates the property taxes
  • Helps you win your house back in case of a sheriff sale/eviction
  • If there’s a well underneath your land/home, you own that water, too!
  • Highest Form Of Land Ownership – Through the Land Patent process, you get Allodial Title over your property as there’s no other form of title. The Warranty Deed prevents a homeowner from having the free and clear title to your home.
  • The Land Patent is FOREVER! The original land patent issued to private people always state “to heirs and assigns FOREVER.”
  • Protection of your private land and house with Allodial Title
  • The government cannot pass laws that restrict your use or ownership of your land, such as the Endangered Species Act or similar regulations.



What Is Allodial Title?

Allodial title refers to true ownership of land, which originated from old English law when the king was considered the owner of all land. Under pressure from the people, the king would convey land to the people through Allodial title. In America, land has been transferred to the United States government through various means such as treaties, conquest, purchase, and grants, and then to the people through Land Patents, which are also known as Allodial title or title in Allodium.


Public land versus Public Domain

It’s important to distinguish between public land and public domain. Public land refers to land that has been designated or set aside for a specific use, such as national monuments, forests, parks, and wilderness areas. Public domain refers to land that has not been designated or set aside for any particular use. The transfer of land from public domain to private ownership is done through land patents.


Every piece of privately owned land has a land patent at its origin, which conveys full ownership to private individuals and their heirs and assigns forever, signed by the President of the United States. This means that the ownership can never be diminished in its authority and jurisdiction.


A landmark case for land patents is Suma Corporation vs California, which established that ownership of land patents cannot be superseded by the state or anyone else.


Don’t wait any longer to secure your property rights. Get your land patent today and enjoy the numerous benefits it brings.



What is the price range for receiving help with this?

The price depends based on the county and state where you reside in. This is because each county is different; some counties are easier with their search whereas for other counties, the research process can be complex and get difficult very fast!


The price range to receive our help for such as service can range from $999.99 to $2,500.00. If you are interested in our help protect your home and claim the Highest Title of the Land, please email us with the county, state and your zip code and we’ll get back to you with a quote. Be sure to email us at Make sure to include your phone number so that we may be able to text you.


The time frame for the allodial title process can vary and there is no ‘one time frame fits all’ as it really depends on the location such as the county of the property. For some, you can have a completed allodial title order in a 45 business day time frame whereas for others, it may take to 2-3+ months. You just never know. We have added a chain of title to this to help in case if your land grant or land patent were to ever get challenged.


This process takes time and we cannot say for a fact how soon we can complete this process as it’s based on the counties where your property is located in. If you are in an emergency situation, it’s best to contact us first before purchasing to see your options. Unless there are some very lengthy complexities on your property in relation to the chain of title research, the process to obtain complete allodial title can be longer. We encourage you to contact us in advance. This is also because since this process requires the client’s help as well to finish to help with conduct with chain of title research locally. 


If you would like to get allodial title over your property or properties, please fill out the form below to see if you qualify. If by any chance you cannot see the form embedded below, please reference the link here to view the form.


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