Why Destroying Or ‘Wiping Out’ Your Strawman Does More Harm Than Good

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Why Destroying Or ‘Wiping Out’ Your Strawman Does More Harm Than Good

One of the first topics people learn in their path to sovereignty is the STRAWMAN and with that knowledge, they begin to become aware that the STRAWMAN is associated to unlimited funds which opens up curiousity for people to tap into.

Along with finding out that the STRAWMAN has funds, they may also learn about the rescission of the social security number and that by having a SSN, you are not a true sovereign. This misinformation can be very confusing for those new to the redemption sphere, leaving one undecisive on what to do and why they should consider doing such a thing. 

Considering that we received lots of people asking our thoughts on whether they should cancel their SSN or not and if not, what would be the benefit of keeping it be – we decided it was time to write a post on this, in hope to bring clarity and answer these questions and explain in a clear manner our thoughts so you may be a wise decision on your own on what route you intend to go. 


This article is not intended to be used as legal advise so please do not interpret it to be. This is for educational and entertainment purposes only. The points of view expressed in this post are based on our paralegals’s expertise and also shared from the Credit Repair Department. 


The first question we’d like to squash is, “is it true that you are not a real sovereign if you have a social security number?”

This statement is not true because having a social security number is not a bad thing to have and those saying that you’re a “defacto sovereign or a in between sovereign by having an SSN”, we feel those folks don’t have an innerstanding on the benefits of why one should consider may be having a social security number, and we are going to explain why below. 


Should I Rescind The Social Security Number? 

By no means, we do not suggest to any of our students that they rescind their social security number for the reasons explained below.


Reasons To Not Cancel The SSN: 

1.) You cannot build personal credit. 

Having a good credit score is something most of our students and clients highly praise because offers a more stable financial stability. 

Having a good credit score means: 
Lower credit card and loan interest rates.
– Debts like utilities and cell phone contracts without security deposits are permitted.
– Easier for one with good personal credit to get approved for rental houses and apartments. 
– One is prone to having better car insurance rates. 
– A high chance for Loan and Credit Card Approval. 
– Gives one more negotiating power, allowing you to leverage to negotiate a lower interest rate on a new loan or for a credit card. 
– Allows one to get approved for higher limits where, banks are willing to let you borrow more money due to how good your personal credit score is, and because it demonstrates that you paid back what you borrowed before on time (responsibility shines here!). While one may still be able to get approved forsome loans with a low credit score, the amount is limited. 
Lastly, having a good credit score is not an easy task for everyone to do and having good credit by default allows one ‘bragging rights’ in which, you can be proud of! Despite what others may think, having good credit score takes hard work, dedication and requires responsibility, and is impressive especially if you took it from bad to good! 
If you never had a bad credit score, then kudos to you! Continue on the great work of maintaining a good score. Remember, it on;y takes a few missed payments to get off track and see a reduced score. 

We help students and clients boost their personal credit score and without a social security number, there is nothing to build personal credit on. 


2.) You have no business to operate on the commercial side with. 

For those who studied Patrick Devine and Jean Keating’s teachings, you may remember learning that “Everything is commercial cause there’s no money. And what I mean by money is asset, and this is where commercial law comes in. There’s 2 forms of money in commercial law; asset money and debt money.” 

Explained in a layman way, the STRAWMAN is a fictional entity that is a PUBLIC ENTITY. Being that the commercial side is public, the STRAWMAN is used to operate on the public and commercial side. In order for the STRAWMAN to operate on the PUBLIC, it’s assigned/associated a PUBLIC number known as a social security number (SSN for short). The SSN is what the STRAWMAN uses to do BUSINESS on the COMMERCIAL, PUBLIC SIDE. 

You, the living, flesh and blood being, are the Agent/Heir and Authorized Representative over the STRAWMAN. This means, your STRAWMAN is there for You (the living being) to use the STRAWMAN to do business on the commercial side. 

Think of it like this: If you travel in your automobile with a driver’s license, you are using the driver’s license on the PUBLIC side and the purpose of using the driver’s license is to operate in commerce. If you were to show a policy officer the license, you would be doing so under Threat, Duress and Coercoin (TDC). 

Your STRAWMAN is used to do BUSINESS. How are you going to function in commerce without your STRAWMAN? We don’t suggest getting revenge on the STRAWMAN by cancelling the birth certificate nor the SSN. 

With no SSN, you have no SPC DEBTOR TRUST, nothing to operate business as to separate yourself from and no personal credit to help you make purchases like a car, house, etc.. Even if making such purchases is of no interest to you, having a good ENS LEGIS profile is what’s its about. 


We never suggest to our studnets to wipe out their strawman, as that is what they use to operate in Commerce. It’s all commercial and your Strawman is the public entity that operates in the Commercial side. Instead, we teach our students how to operate on the public and private with the separation between their DEBTOR and their Secured Creditor Name. 


3.) No public standing.
While the STRAWMAN is a fictional entity, you would have no standing on the public side to do business under if you were to wipe out the strawman. 


Think of the STRAWMAN as being your first (or second) persona. A persona that you use to operate in commerce and an entity that allows you to receive and build financial wealth as well! 


Emilio reminds our clients and students here that, it’s important to build a good STRAWMAN profile and to take care of the STRAWMAN. The more paperwork one has for the STRAWMAN, the more ‘seasoned’ their ENS LEGIS is and if you know how to use your STRAWMAN effectively, it can offer great benefits for you as the Agent/Heir and Authorized Representative over the DEBTOR. 


Having some sort of public standing allows you to give yourself a good distinction between you and the Upper and lowercase name. So even though the STRAWMAN is NOT You, it does not mean you have to wipe it out from the face of the Earth (and from the Commercial world!) 
Final words: Knowing how to use your SSN is a crucial part to one’s redemption journey as it can be used to build wealth and establish a strong personal guarantee profile for when (or if you decide) to do business. 
It’s important to note that, to get an ESTATE EIN, the SSN is REQUIRED. You cannot get an ESTATE EIN without a SSN, however, you do not need a SSN for the 98 EIN. 
So, how does wiping out my STRAWMAN cause ‘harm’ than good? 
For the reasons explained above, you won’t be able to…
  • Establish a good personal credit profile (and this includes not being able to build a business credit either because the SSN is required to create an estate EIN used for the Business Credit Builder Package).
  • You won’t have public standing. 
  • No entity to operate in commerce under.
  • No separation between your ALL CAPITAL LETTERED NAME and You.
  • No DEBTOR TRUST in place. The Secure Party Creditor cannot operate on its own!
With all this said, people are welcome to do as they see fit in their road to redemption and here at A.W.A.R.E, we are not the ones to tell people “don’t do that” or that you should not do that. We overstand people have free will and this applies with the decisions they make in their lives.
We are here to guide people who are looking to PROPERLY get established on the private side and still operate in commerce. if you feel that you would not absolutely benefit from having your social security number activated, then you can do as you wish. A.W.A.R.E does not help or provide instructions on how to rescind the SSN so please don’t contact us or book a consultation session asking the consultants for such instructions on revoking the SSN as we are not here to offer help with that area. 
It’s important to innerstand that, we are NOT saying that it’s impossible to operate in commerce without the SSN. All we are saying is that, the STRAWMAN is a very helpful entity if one knows how to use, can be a benefit and an asset and not a liability. If you are an advanced student and are operating without your SSN, then congratulations to you! Not everyone is prepared to handle the commerce world without a social. 
Since we are already on the subject of the social security number, we think it’s best to take note and share how to use the SSN and what the SSN is not necessary to be used for. 
How To Use The SSN
Use the SSN for the following: 
  • To build and repair personal credit and to apply for personal credit cards which boost one’s credit score. 
  • SPC paperwork 
  • To setoff and discharging debts (the SSN is your EXEMPTION ID) 
  • Any sovereign related paperwork 


The Use of an SSN Is NOT Required For the Following: 

  • Passport application – there is a case law for this and the case law is: 



  • To apply for a job (more on this in a different blogpost but email us for information or get a consultation to learn more)
  • On applications where a SSN or ITIN or EIN is required; instead, use the EIN or ITIN and not the SSN. 
Lastly, we are not claiming by no means to have all the answers or to be the authorities (so to speak) and strictly govern them on what to do. Our hopes is that this post inspires people to decide which route works best for them and to determine what their ultimate goals are. 
If you would like to receive an over the phone explanation on this, we strongly suggest booking a consultation so that you may receive a clear overstanding. 
We welcome your comments and questions. If this post helped you, please let us know! We’d appreciate it tremenously. 🙂 Thank you.
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    Do you know anything about the SSN under Title 42 of the USC? Well, your article is in error of this title.

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    This post was actually great help. I don’t know anyone trying to navigate this world and anyone I try to talk to about it flat out says im stupid or is only interested for as long as I talk about. Neither do their own research into the subject to either prove me wrong or help me along. Lately, I’ve been questioning this very topic. If like to know more about getting rid of the SSN just so I can make a better-informed decision, however, as I’ve already testified, this filled in a lot of blanks.im gonna continue exploring your site but I believe I’ll be putting together an email to request some aid in understanding the subject better soon. Thanks for the clear and straight answers

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    I finally opened an email from A.W.A.R.E. and found it interesting that I can keep my SSN without feeling that I may be violating the cause, by keeping it. I Am building a business and need it and it is connected to much of my commercial life at this phase in my life. I appreciate knowing there is a way to incorporate them both and still maintain a sense of freedom. I appreciate the information and will visit your site more often now. Thank you

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      Greetings, Desiree,

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      Peace and blissings!

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    Yes, this did help me. I was ready to do reversion interest sending my BC to White House and Treasury, but, also have a Security Agreement/Secured creditor for my County Recorder’s office. Staying on the commercial side makes more sense to me.

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